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What way I instead of headlines traffic and weather together coming up after flashback season forty five is there night life in September and I've got the list of the first five host right now elected Jeff Janie's got it was August and Viking line was launched destination Mars one girl in our on television Festus in the gang guns smoke and then again you're going to be the first one to take a look at the movie theater they were doing the time warp in the Rocky Horror Picture Show number one on the radio KC and the sunshine band down tonight what year was nineteen seventy five nineteen seventy six or nineteen seventy seven yep all three choices seventy five seventy six or seventy seven seventy five Jamie seventy six or seventy seven it's got daily do nineteen seventy six white was on its way to Mars gun smoke was on its way in television history the Rocky Horror Picture Show was hit at the box office and KC and the sunshine band was big on the radio the year nineteen seventy five okay graduations Jeff you get that pair tickets.

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