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To not be the guy that we have typically see but i think at his best that is The keeping a part of a lot of winning there with young teams and and it's not like he was just an innocent bystander. To their success he was a significant rotation player. To a team. That i think probably outperformed that a roster a few different times by making it to the eastern conference finals and they were right there you know and he was a guy getting big minutes on that team and so i always been smart fan. I am a marcus smart fan. How could you not be a huge you grit and grind. That's what marcus smart is right. Symbols qualities that you know self expands have long loved loved with both tony allen. You know who helped bring that to memphis the all time. Tommy points leader rest in peace time. He really might be the all time leader itami points. Lord knows. tommy tommy heinsohn man. I miss listen. South extremes with my dad watching tommy heights. It's the mike orman the smart. Oh my god he love marcus more. You know what i mean anyway. I think you'd probably get the best of marcus smart and it's not a it's not a crazy contract it's not. It's not a crazy contract and even if you are thinking we want to use him as a piece. I think you need to get the best of marcus you know. In order to make him. I think his stock right now is nearly as high as it could be. Because he's got a lot of fans around the league but he also did not have a good season and they didn't have a good season last year right. There was a lot of people that truly fell in love with marcus. Smart where they were making those eastern conference finals appearances and he was making game winning plays at the end of playoff games. Like that's the kind of thing that they did last year was just a. There's a disaster. It'll be interesting to see. How with. Dhaka how i ooh what the offense looks like. It looks like and how balanced responsibilities orcas you bring back al horford as well. Who's going to be getting some of those touches some facilitating opportunities around the elbows from the perimeter I i wonder like what is marcus. Smart swirl gonna look like. I would assume he's going to start over schroeder You also have josh. Richardson in the mix there. Now as well peyton pritchard. Who's hab an awesome awesome. Summer league grabbed that. It's just summer league But he had a great rookie season as well as late. first round. Pick so you get a lot of guards in that backcourt nevermind. Tatum and brown. That are going to get a lot of opportunities..

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