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It's it's i don't know it's tough tough top call. How about you yeah. It's a tough call. I mean schindler's list even with It's mostly terry gilliam than has that problem with it but the whole like. Oh it's about success. I feel like sometimes people forget that even though the holocaust was a failure that if we can highlight of the good that came out of it. We're better off office. Humans to be you know we should remember those who died and that we should keep that in our heart but we should also remember those who who survived and now can tell their stories through like organizations like the show or foundation. So i probably would have said no at the time i mean i. I think this could have been a great great great movie And like i said before anything. Kubrick did damned if i wouldn't have bought a ticket to see ads out. Yes louis so like alpha me for that time. Ask and at the time. I wouldn't have been able to see because i would have been a bit listening you to watch bill joe rapid. We know it's such great won best screenplay for tat champion. Joe joe rabbit is on my list. But here's the thing i'm waiting for. Megan who is a Half jewish because of her father Wing for to see it. Because i really think the two should see it together. So i'm holding off. I will you. And i will talk about judging rabbit when it comes as she seems endless or yeah she said i have to say you must have watched for the first time. My sister's strong girl. she doesn't cry. She was clash. And won't what i what. Megan who said to me as she is said to me when it comes time for our son to see that movie your shell. That and i said i have no problem sitting through that movie. It's really tough for me. But let's put it this way worse things done to The mayans and central america by conquistadors. So you know. They were multiple genocides in the world. I guess i shouldn't say that. I mean holocaust was terrible. Terrible terrible night. I pray for anyone. Life is beautiful. That's another one movie funding. Is you talk about the wasn't made out clown all is that his father is a father and trying to change his son while the troops got a gun in his back. And he's you know would say yeah they did say that that Life is beautiful. Had an echo of what Jerry lewis the clown would have been All right so we're down to the top three so here comes the top three so number through this one is a this one's the i think probably the most recent one so much so that it's not in my book actually had to do research for this. This one's called the kidnapping of edward more taro. Now this was based on a book. Called david kurtz kidnapping of edward martin's it was about is a true story about a jewish italian it water mataro who has kidnapped and forced converts to the catholic church and then the Multiple times by the by his mother to try to regain province on him so much so that ended up being a fight with the pope at the time. pope pious the. I don't know the I ex- i don. I don't know. Roman numerals no That's the story his. How would have come down. You had mark rylance portraying the pope. You had oscar isaac portraying Montero and ready for the kicker you have steven spielberg directing it and have tony. Kushner twenty kushner from munich andrews in america and lincoln writing the script. I say i take my money. Take my money do it..

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