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This was a little right oh what happened pas were second suv scott little struse contracts should a used dear and headlights because that's blunting reference that laser inera ethnic you're not against universal background checks though right oh like the ones that failed in california that have failed in colorado i mean i do believe that one of the things that we need to do is make sure that states are reporting fully and accurately which they're not doing all of their criminal convictions to the national everyone's thought except for us don't of whether she got like them teased by a flicked with like a fox laser oliver briefly taste and then oh and then she remembered that her doctor whites are talking point what what i thought this was a safe space yamasaki challenging questions branchville lead how we'll snowflake you dana anita in san antonio hello and you're one guy to morning that dino welsh is lent give to people on our fight she looks terrible terrible spokesperson people just cannot banned her yeah um i wonder if justice kennedy is re uh thirty senator howard announced it at the kennedy view would be retiring this summer to try to get republicans riled up to vote when he said that he goes oh the slogan obese base going round it well he had better get our base go and that's for sure he had better get our base go on because you can kiss marriage equality bye by all kinds of civil rights union rights all that is just gonna be gone young jeff has kennedy is great that he's better than with donald trump will replace them with yeah yeah were mike pence were god no mike then yes dear god all right now rightly human they're already taken away some abortion rights in mississippi young you bet no kidding i got up to go the a speaking marriage equality you see what they just aware the travis photography tennessee deserve difference sorry what happened there are now open so don't know those britain owner john the state house republicans in tennessee effectively killed a bill to ban child marriage in.

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