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Life. Thanks to the beach and rocket for sponsoring tonight's interview an Akeem. Welcome to the show up. So pumped to have you. Hey guys. Thanks for having me on I'm excited to do this Thursday. The great night on the way now as an avid NFL fan I have to say I've seen a ton of touchdown celebrations, but none quite like this. The commentator called it a cartwheel, but what's the technical term for what we just watched the technical term is around awful people in the world would know it's really hard to talk to do with pads on so really excited. I got to do it and maybe some more photos are coming but I don't think anytime soon you trust him. And now I know a lot of players go out to ski Brandon McManus was telling us he's not allowed to go snowboarding or bungee jumping or basically anything fun that could cause a risk to your injury. So did you catch any flak from your coaches for these acrobatics? So they didn't say much about I'll put them practice before but I don't flip often. So it's kind of one of those on state rules where you do something. It's kind of like the teacher kind of in charge like they know you shouldn't do it. So not much was said, but I know I'm not supposed to do it and I'm not going to keep doing it off. So maybe once every blue moon but excited doing some of the skills, but I can't do that all the time. All right. Well flips are great. But I'm all about the spin moves. Let's take a look at these. Dude, you make it look as easy as pressing the B button on Madden. So how long have you been busting these three sixties since high school? I was the offense Iran cutting back you could get back with it was harder. It was way harder to you know, talk to a person cutting back spending you can get farther across left and right and it's hard to hit especially when you're a fast movement argue like me. So something I learned probably in high school just been getting better and better as the years of me going on. Was that all natural or is that coming from your coach? No, it's just Instinct. Just go out there Syriac. There's not much. I've telegraphed I think about before I do it. I just go out there and if there's a right angle to spend I just throw it and see what happens. Well, it's fun to watch and we've seen a lot of investing cleats on the field this year. But this is the first time I've seen some with for where did these come from and why are they called bumbles? I'm not exactly sure why they're calling bumbles. But the exact name of the you know, I just called it the indominus Snowman cleats. I'm a big fan of Rudolph the only Christmas Story. I think I made like more than Rudolph is the Grinch but two different types of TV shows and the Dominos no matter which is awesome. I got Rodney Jackson from Maryland. He did it. So it was pretty cool and pretty cool, you know displaced some Talent out on that field Rodney sound obviously just took out there wearing his heart. I love that and also shout out to Kamara his red and green cleats scored six touchdowns. Maybe consider those in 2021. Yes. Absolutely. That's that's a good, a good job. I'm so I may be something to look into what think about too. I love it man. But we've had a number of NFL guests on the show so far that were also into fashion, but you have your own line of shirts. Tell us a little bit about Nightmare nyheim and wage clothing behind your name nightmare. It's just you know, my license shirt is by breaking T. Pretty cool to work with them. They got a they got a lot of things set up really quick. So nightmare not heating is just a nickname that wage high school. So Gigolos he saw always called me. He called me that in high school and didn't even when I got to college. It was not him as a nightmare on Hillsborough Street and you know nightmare is pretty cool. You know, I think I'm a nightmare out there on the field. I think of a nightmare wage at a game plan for and I think when the ball get to my hands it's a nightmare. So I think nightmare. He was pretty cool name and a brand to go by I love that. So you get Nightmare and Joe gets Gigolo. It's a pretty good Trader Joe's. Yes. I want to go back home to I mean those t-shirts look awesomely comfy. So did the hoodies and you clean up pretty well as well. So we gotta talk about your fashion sense who is wage. best dressed on the Colts today Who's the best-dressed I always like Kenny Moore Katie warranty by Hilton where those in Anthony Walker. There's probably the three best guys that I always see they always wear their faster with great strength and confidence. And you know, I think that's a great style too. But no got some great guys are some great guys with some great Fashion on the cold. So it's pretty cool. The veterans got it down just one step ahead of you. Well, it sounds like your butt best-dressed off the Colts. But according to this year's Madden stats. You're the second fastest behind Parris Campbell. So we gotta talk about this if we held a race in the studio today a footrace who's winning who's doing the cartwheels at the Finish Line. I have no idea no parents is fast. I know I'm fast enough. They're going to get healthy and you know, I've been showing some speed this year, but it's a big place off. Can't wait for. That to maybe we'll get it raises going but I have no idea. I know we're both for three guys. I know we're both, you know, really really fast. So I that's a record to see you guys are absolute studs. But real talk, it's been surreal to see you in your job. Character in game. What is it been like being able to play as yourself in Madden? So the point because I don't play Madden often, you know with the season and stuff and all the football. It's like, you know you go home and you see work so I actually have the pleasure of seeing a lot of fans in a friend's play with me on Madden and people tag me on Instagram and other social media and my friends don't show me clips of Snapchat on Snapchat and it's remarkable my spin moves pretty fast. I like to get back to open up and break. It's a big place so I get some more speed but I would like a nightmare on Madden too. I've seen a lot of clips of people run it for two or three other yards with me so pretty cool, but maybe you know boxes and I'll get to it and see if I can play with myself but probably not 93 speed a bad. I'll take that day of the week. Well outside of Madden, let's talk about some of your favorite games. What have you been playing with the only game I really play is Apex Legends. I play fortnite a lot and I always Franklin Call of Duty, but did a big big fan of Apex started playing Apex probably about a year or two ago a good friend Dylan p.m. He went to strike when I left you and that's really all I do in my spare time. So really going to go ahead and try to see if I can play good tonight. You do it. I love that. Well when you're playing Apex, what's your favorite way to play are you fast and furious. Are you practically guy with your playstyle? Oh, we push we are not going to sit here. We'll try to win sometimes but we're going for cool games trying to you know, kill some people kill some Squad like a plane. We won't play the win but we're not going to we're definitely not playing scared. I'll tell you that. I love that when we got some Community questions for you tonight. This first one is going to be coming in from Quagmire 241 shoq Quagmire for following the game on Twitter. What was it like making the leap from NC State? I think this kid from North Carolina moving on to the Colts. The biggest leap was really just leaving my family, you know when to Garner High School local Garner High School. They went NC State. So family was always 20-30 minutes away. Then I'll going to the NFL. I feel like I have no choice College struggles that you would have from high school to college. I just had them college going to the NFL. So that's probably the biggest jump the game was a little bit harder ball security was, you know had to protect the ball game when really other than that, those are biggest jumps. Really I think the biggest jump was my personal life and just how I handle not being around my family and then you know, the things on the field you just go out there work hard and I think those things take care of themselves. We had big 6 a.m. To know. I'd love to attend your football camp. When is the next one night not exactly sure on the next date with the camp by dunno will probably be sometime in June or July two thousand twenty one depending on how you know, the whole world. Emack & the covert situation is going on. We're waiting for to see how things going cuz it's hard to plan that that far ahead. You don't really know what's going on now. So and for me, I don't know enough about this football camp. Tell me what have you been doing. Just on the campus, you know getting it's just a day where you know, we have coaches from all throughout the area's Pop Warner coaches and all throughout High School coaches. And I I also have a friend from the NFL comeback. We just teach fundamental technique and then we go up and I'll go out raise some kids last year we go out there have some one-on-ones we go out there and get competitive and it's really it's a great day to you know to get some nuggets, you know, hopefully I Inspire motivate one get out there and just change your life for each of them. And if they need more than one kid, that's that's a great and that's what we can try to do. Just try to show kids that you know, it doesn't matter where you're from. There's kids from Raleigh North Carolina who.

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