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The students were scheduled to fly home to Alabama at three PM but as the AL was paused there was still no sign of Natalie. When the time came to depart for the airport she still hadn't shine up on shore of what to do. One of the chaperones decided to stay behind until Natalie was located and although it was tasked with calling Natalie's parents in Alabama to deliver the news. That daughter was missing. Her mother. Beth twitty was returning from a weekend away when she received the call and immediately turned to a car around and drove to the Birmingham airport. She was pulled over for speeding along the way but when she explained the reason why she was driving so fast to the officer he gave me the number for one of these contacts in the FBI and to let her off without a ticket. While Natalie's family frantically put plans in place to travel to Aruba Sharon went to one of the full police stations on the island to report. Natalie's disappearance dying formed the officer on duty that she had lost Baynes Sane. Driving away from Carlos jollies around midnight in the company of Dutch tourist named Yoram Rubin. Police advised that they couldn't launch an official missing person investigation. Unless Natalie was missing for twenty four hours that reassured she was locked playoff having fun and would resurface again. Soon it was common for young Americans visiting the island to extend this day at the last minute or to lose track of time so the police weren't overly concerned. Given the Dutch car baynes proximity to Venezuela Aruba was often used to transport not codex between South America and the United States which meant the island was no stranger to criminal activity. An agent for the United States Drug Enforcement Agency who was stationed in the nearby Dutch Carbon Orland of curious. How was in Aruba for the weekend and Heard About Natalie Holloway's disappearance from one of the shop? Brian's agreed to help with the search and to use his contacts to notify the FBI on behalf of her family. Beth twitty was able to charter a private jet and arrived in Aruba at ten pm along with her husband. George Jug twitty a prominent Alabama businessman and several of their friends pre-arranged exports helped them to get through customs quickly and provided them with a van and draw the group checked into the Holiday Inn where the mountain. Brokaw chaperone told them that Natalie had last been seen in the company of a Dutch tourist named Huron. Beth asked the hotel's manager. If there were any guests checked in by that name and the many immediately knew she was talking about. However you're on wasn't a guest at the hotel nor was he a tourist. Hey lived in Aruba. Having emigrated with his family from the Netherlands as a child and was nine to frequent that casinos and poker rooms on the island where he locked the gamble and heat on Foreign Women. Beth and jog went to the excelsior casino and requested to say the surveillance footage taken from the blackjack table when the goals and Huron had met once they spotted the Dutchman they took note of east physical characteristics and with the help of their escorts walked around Palm Beach offering money to anyone who knew the young man a local teenager accepted one hundred dollars to give them your Ron's full name and address he was Johan van to slowed and he wasn't nineteen lucky had told the girls but a seventeen year old high school student. Beth and her entourage went to the police station. With this information the officers remained hesitant about checking out the late they used to young Americans partying too hard on the island and was sure Natalie was luckily sleeping off a hangover somewhere had taken drugs or had decided to extend her holiday. Beth insisted this wasn't possible saying her daughter wasn't a big drinker. And would never touch narcotics. Natalie was also traveling with a limited amount of cash and had left her credit card in the United States so she didn't have the funds to travel onwards. The police suggested she might have intentionally run away and didn't want to be found a possibility that Beth strongly rejected at two I am. The police reluctantly agreed to accompany Beth. Enter crew to the Vanda slight residence to check whether Natalie was there. You're on lived in a detached apartment at the rear of. He's family home. He's two younger brothers. Aged ten and fourteen resided in the main house along with the schoolteacher mother Anita and their Father Palace Vanda slowed a lawyer for the ARUBAN GOVERNMENT. Who was in training to become a judge? Palace was the only adult home at the time as he's wife was in Holland visiting relatives and was out with friends. He insisted he hadn't seen a blonde American go on their property. The cold he son's mobile phone and insisted he returned home immediately. You're on arrived shortly after he was joined by his friend. Twenty one year old. Daypack KALPA as Serena Maze National. Who had been with him at Carlos? And Charlie's the previous evening emotions. Were running but Beth into a group and they became aggressive when confronting the two young men urine denied knowing Natalie but eventually admitted that the two had been flooding at Carlos and Charlie's the prior and had delighted kissed. He said Natalie wanted to say sharks before she departed the following day so he and his friends had driven her to the California Lot House on Arish Sheikh Bauge a popular snorkeling spot on the northwestern tip of the island at around two I am. They dropped her off at the Holiday Inn and hadn't seen her since Deepak confirmed this story. And Hey into your on agreed to accompany the group to the hotel to show them when they had dropped Natalie off your on pointed to a spot out saw the lobby and said that when they arrived. Natalie was so intoxicated that she fell and hit her head while getting out of the car. A security guard dressed in black had come is to help her. Deepak backed up this version of events adding that the security God was carrying a walkie talkie. Beth was convinced. The young men were lying. Natalie's friend lay had waited in the hotel lobby until around three. I am that gnawed and didn't say Natalie. During that time additionally the hotel employees wore green pants with great shirts and Annan had reported saying anyone drop off an intoxicated woman to the lobby in the early hours. The police told Beth that a detective would be sent out to visit her the following morning that not shea. Judge stayed in Natalie's hotel room leaving the lamp on in the hopes she would return. Beth lightest cited. That's what parents do you leave. Your light on and white into your child comes hiring..

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