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Something that would get their attention like a fine, McNamara says. You do have the legal right to stop auto payments any time if you can remember who you're paying. I'm Nancy Marshall again, sir. For Marketplace. Justin was talking a little while ago about the macro story and what's driving food prices higher, But there is a micro story to people farmers in this case. Deciding when and why to reprint the price tags on their produce. Here is today's installment of our Syriza's My Economy. My name's Scott Snare. I own Rainbow Island Produce were a hydroponic lettuce and Green's farm in Hilo, Hawaii. I purchased the business in the last quarter of 2019. All the customers really were. The local restaurants. There's a lot of wholesale accounts. So I had only a full quarter before we started to see a reduction and travel. Man. There was a fall off the cliff. I can't even put into numbers or at least I don't like to look at those numbers. There are a couple of times where It really seemed like things were coming back. The sales might rebound a little bit, and I'd plant a bunch more and then The next week, they would fall off, but I've already got my farm planted out. Even before I owned it, I knew that the product was undervalued. Ended up deciding to raise prices and that's just Who, incidentally, came about a month before we started locking things down. The initial benefit was it allowed me to hire an employee that that was huge is far has it helped, you know, eliminated some little errors being behind schedule and stuff? You know, if I hadn't raised prices, I would not have been able to support the employees or probably even myself. It's so hard to tell if we're just in another boom that's gonna bust. You know, it does feel like this. Most recent recovery is a little more promising. So I guess all I can do is hope for continued progress towards uh, you know, more consistent and improving financial outlook for who I island That was Scott's near in Hilo, Hawaii. You know, the Syriza only works with help from listeners like you..

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