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I have a very special guest who's back, Dr Nick trout. He graduated from veterinarian school at the university of Cambridge in nineteen eighty nine he is a diplomat of the American and European colleges of veterinary surgeons for the past twenty years. He's been a staff surgeon at the procedures Angell animal medical center in Boston. His latest novel. The wonder of loss causes is absolutely fabulous. By the way, doctor trout is a passionate advocate for the cystic fibrosis foundation. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife Kathy and their adopted labrador tie as such a pleasure to have you back. Welcome back to actor, trout. Hi, thanks for having me on the show. Again, it's a play to be here. I have so enjoyed your book. I can't even tell you there's so many life lessons at. It is absolutely one of the best, and I don't read fiction, Dr trout. I really don't. But your book has captured me just captured me and, and like you said, the ending of it is going to make everybody cry. It's a great read. I highly recommend it the wonder of loss causes, we're talking today about about that book, which is about cystic fibrosis and the battle that families go through through some of the most difficult things that you could go through in life is when you have a child that so desperately sick. So as I said, this book is such a beautiful story about a dog's love. And loyalty. Can you talk about your daughter's cystic fibrosis and how this inspired your book, the wonder of loss causes? Yeah, really. So, you know, my daughter Emily bone with this disease. It's even my wife Kathy. Yeah. I had any idea that we would carry as for this, this awful genetic disorder and daughters been, you know throughout life. She's twenty six years older, total inspiration to, to both of us. I mean, she's she's the, the lesson and we as parents always have so much to learn from her because of her bravery and determination. And I wanted to try and capture some of that in the book, I wanted to have something that took about what it's like to be a kid with this disease and to have a positive outlook on life. And it was also really important for me to, to try my best to capture a woman's voice, I right in the first person as, as a boy with CF and also in the first person as his mom Kate because, like not the prime can't give as children with chronic disease. Whether it's if I Bros us, or autism, diabetes, or whatever of the moms and the moment. Work, incredibly hard at brave selfless. And I wanted to try to catch us some of the struggle that determination and you did. And you didn't really well, it's in the book has a lot of humor in it to love that you incorporated, a lot of humor because, really? That's, that's the one thing that you really have to have is a sense of humor to get through this thing called life, right? Yeah. You know, it's, you know, it's, it's, it's a tough subject, but, you know, we'll we'll want to try to make the most of our life, who to want to, you know, be on a pass. That's entertaining and fun and challenging. And you know, in, in this instance, about this, the struggling moment, this cat made up with a totally under dull tipple dog, who imparts that canine, Salafi life? I'm just gonna live for the now you know, dogs don't that they're stuck in the presence. They don't have to worry about the past of the future. And sometimes that's the lesson. We only to that we. Want to get on with it and enjoy what we have. And, you know, I in my professional world see these dogs, whom you know, they don't have a bad head. They don't have to look in the mirror to make sure they look beautiful, just enjoying their lives that, that living. It's the max and I wanted some of that be pot of the message in this story. And that's what makes dog so amazing all animals really that they don't look back. They're not looking forward. They are in the present moment. They don't care as you said, what their hair looks like or anything else. And they're so full of love. They're very Senate, just, you know, setting creatures that just really are never going to be aggressive in life, unless their life is at risk. And so animals can teach us so much. You know, I I love how you say dogs, unlike humans like I said, had never had a bad hair day. They're never self absorbed, and they have to live their lives without regret. Why can't humans to be more like dogs, Dr trout? Hopefully I knew I mean I, I just wanted to impart that message you know, this is a this is a positive book. No nobody dies in this book, no pets in this book. It's, it's meant to be ab- lifting. I opening, you know, I want I won't people to get a sense of, you know, the reality of what it's like to be a parent child with correct disease. But also apparent who finds a way who, who sees thanks to this dog in a life that I can I can I can actually enjoy myself? I can see my child enjoying himself and you know, it's not complicated. If we, if we try to embrace that, and it's got some great characters like anti Gwen, you know, and Burt and. Really, there's so many lessons in this book, and I'm just going to read this excerpt out of it. If I may says, as soon as the dogs got off the leash. They went crazing running running around, like their butts were on fire. They don't stretch or warm up. They pace themselves or, or worry who sees their white legs. They just do it all, or nothing because they want to have fun. They're all about fun. I mean, when was the last time that you saw a dog do grumpy or whiny or embarrassed? I even circled this doctor trout. When I was reading it because it's so true. You never see a dog being grumpy or whining or embarrassed. And it says if we ate the exact same meal day in day out. We would go nuts. We'd go on a hunger strike not dogs. They jump up and down tail sent to crazy time snarling down there. Kibble like its prime rib. And, and, and even when they sleep they give it everything out for the count able to flop down anywhere. I mean, when was the last time you saw a dog chugging on a bottle of Nyquil? I just love your writing. Well, that's kind of. Yeah. I mean there's no addiction centers for dogs, right? Or rehab for dogs. You know. I'm just fortunate in my day job to, to, to share my time with, you know, and, and that's you know, over the last thirty years, some of that is elated through, and I'm trying to just document it. So everybody can share. Well, you know, I speaking of your, you know, sharing and your daughter. What does the average day look like for your daughter? Yeah. Right. I mean right now, she's on two different potent intravenous antibiotics. She has a port for which you hook up and she gets those delivered three times a day. She has a feeding tube in her stomach to make sure that she gets adequate nutrition because always fighting that battle of burning calories on some of the 'Bacterial, causing the Monja in chest and not wanting to lose weight. And we are, you know, she's currently waitlisted for Cleveland Clinic for both double lung transplants and liver transplant. I mean she's, she's a truly remarkable person and, you know, it's not just her this CF kid amazing. They, they have this amazing spark in their lives that, that, that is just humbling to be around. Round. And, you know, I, I know so many clinicians nurses, who in awe of the way, CS children and young adults and adults can be they just inspiring characters. They've got a personalities because they're trying to squeeze in as much life because they never know what the, the next few days when t is will hold. And they're just trying to max out in much the same way dogs incredible. Got it gratitude, you know, we can all learn a lesson from it. The book is so good. It really is anything else, you want to share with our listeners, Dr trout. If you're interested, you can study. Visit me on talk to the trout dot com. I'm also in good read. And if you joy this book, how your friends and family, I you know, I really wanted to get it into the hands of CF parents haven't of chronic disease, really mums, who are just looking for some relief and sense that, that not in this alone and also just minded. It's a positive of lifting book uplifting book with a ton of beautiful lessons, and lots of humor, and I appreciate you writing at thank you so much for jumping on the air with us again. Dr trout. Oh, thanks so much for having me a pleasure. It's been our pleasure as well. Everyone we've got a great show continuing on here and I'm gonna give showed up for the book again. The wonder of lost causes, Dr trout's website is Dr Nick are Dr period. Nick trout dot. Com. So we'll be right back. Stay tuned, everyone. You're listening to.

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