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I don't with london all leads which will got eight if i win Of ochia we won this okay. this was cutting this was studded good. We're happy if not okay. We did this. We did this. Okay i'm But it'll get finish it. That's only olympics. London lumping that. I was reading many disappointed because because we were not briefed before getting on before. I think i feel betrayed. I thought olympics would be different. I taught gopi. John would forget what will on flicked hearing me have. I don't know what conflict he had or problems. Still not been able to sleep. But i thought when it came to olympics you would treat auto for us and himself as an indian porch and you would be as happy as knee if i want. That did not happen. And i didn't know the winds we had to win in that particular match and we want who matches are three and not being able to qualify for quarter-finals. Bathe disappointing because we lost by two points. And we didn't know that the coaches are supposed to tell us that this is the wind down. You have to win because dissolved round-robin league matches and he did not day. Lusk do the last night after. We went isolated. I thought i was through the quarterfinals. Radon back he just noted you just went and i was shocked and i think betrayed. I think i think i would. I would really tim responsible for losing a medal that that that olympics well i could have won a medal that olympics. Have you ever been able to forgive him for that. It's not because he hugged me. Personally i think he hawked the hard work of might be okay because my cardio is just not mike oneal. It's my favorite Study my friends. My my playmates age. Who made me practice everyday. They will time with me. My giuliani whoever. I give credit to in my life. I think it is hard will who kind of crushed so. I think it's not easy for me to forgive.

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