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They came all the way back lead at times in the fourth quarter, really Their biggest lead of the night, I believe was three. But the real problem for the Brooklyn Nets was P. J. Tucker might have found something. Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant was 11 to 28 from the field still had his 30 points. P. J. Tucker frustrated all night. In fact, they were nearly in coming up blows in a fight at some point In that fourth quarter, But it's Bruce Brown. Bruce Brown, who has been a great member of the Nets. Bench. Success are fantastic Defender four House small He is a great rebounder for the Brooklyn Nets all year long. He has had to step in and play more minutes. In the absence of James Harden, it hasn't necessarily mattered in games one and two. In fact, he's had better nights games wanted to, But boy, did he feel himself last night? With Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant on the floor and I get it. I get that the box defensive presence there was to frustrate those two guys. Bruce Brown took matters into his own hands and was taken every big shot. And missing every big shot for the Brooklyn Nets down the stretch so much it drives you nuts. That has to be a scenario you I show out. I don't care if there's two defenders in the face. It has to be Kevin Durant or Kyrie, Irving and nobody else. And I'd even make the case for a third option to Joe Harris, who stunk last night. For the Nets as well. But Bruce Brown on a loose ball scramble has Kevin Durant in one of the coverage on the outside of the three point line says to heck with this, I'm going to go through up another floater. Clank nets lose True Holiday hits A big shot August a frustrating night from a net standpoint a big night for the Milwaukee Bucks and that they get a win. But I don't know that you look at last night. You say it's anything other than why is Bruce Brown shooting? And then that will be fun. I thought I do think.

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