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Matter what you're using Facebook. Google Amazon the list goes on is that they all have these algorithms that influence what you see on their site when you actually go there. They never really, truly explain Like how the algorithms work. Well, you know, Facebook tweaks its news feed outgrow them all the time, which That's why you see certain things sometimes and certain things that other times and not well. The new study publishes past week by a nonprofit research group called Ranking Digital Rights. You say? You know what we need more transparency behind these algorithms. And what if you could actually choose in the future? Which algorithm that you'd like them to follow for you? There's just no one size fits all. Well. Consumer reports presented that question. They're not the first tweet Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Suggested that one day we'll be able to pick from a menu of hog algorithms. So if you want food videos or political videos, if you change your mind just some few adjustments, regardless of choice be up to you. And not to. Whatever big tech companies think you're gonna like. Mm. So long to conspiracy theories and moving right along. Let's talk about apple smart clothing. And Google has its own smart clothing line. In use. The sensors and yards and buns connects close to your smartphone, and they worked with Levi's to make these denim jackets that you just tap on your sleeve. And then all the sudden the music goes up and down to get to the next song. And there's also Adidas shoes and a Samsonite backpack which lets you control your gadgets through your clothes. Well, apples playing catch up. I know what a shocker And they are working on some smart fabric buttons that are so straight into your clothes. They're not really buttons as much as their sensors and they say they have unlimited potential in the future. They could analyze your health system. Patton Apples. Smart fabric isn't gonna hit the market anytime soon. But it is interesting to think that someday we would have smart fabric that would be analyzing our breath or body temperature are glucose level, all kinds of great things like that. Maybe even a smart wardrobe And speaking of your wardrobe, Let's talk about some glasses. You know, one of the things that's always frightening to me when I'm writing my bike. No matter which side of the road that you ride on. I was like, who's behind me. And are they coming up too fast or too slow? What if I put my bike just a little bit off of the bike lane? Am I gonna get wiped out and I'm just talking about when I'm on my paella time. Well, according to Kickstarter, the new project, there's an Olympic athlete and a physicist. They teamed up to create a pair of glasses that helped bicycle see exactly what's behind them. So this way you don't have to, like. Do what I call the Exorcist yon where you like, Do you take your head and you flip it all around her? Look behind you. The whole idea is that you have glasses truly in the back of your heads called hen site glasses designed to keep you space safe, almost like a rear view mirror. But it's going to be on your head. They raised over $140,000 over on Kickstarter. And now, unlike a lot of Kickstarter projects, this one has actually come to fruition. It's a real product you can buy online. It's to part angled lenses as semi transparent mirrors. It's not cheap is going to set you back, say, $280. Wow. But if it could save your life, that's really something. And this next story I saw over at CNN, and it looked like one of those SciFi things in the picture. Like you see this red beam coming down onto the planet Earth and what is going on with that? Does it aliens? No, it's a prototype. Pentagon scientists say they have shot up a solar panel the size of a pizza box and what they're gonna be using this is to generate some energy. That they would actually being back from outer space to Planet Earth. And they say it's going to revolutionize the way that Earth gets his energy. So imagine we could have all these solar panels all throughout the planet, beaming energy back to Earth instead of us having these nuclear power plants or so of solar panels on the ground. That's really been tested yet, but they do show that a certain panel can transmit about 10 Watts of energy. Okay, 10 Watts of energy. It's not a lot, but it is enough to charge up a tablet. So we need a lot more power with that, Um, The bottom line is that you know anything's possible when you start putting everything up in the sky, and as we think about everything that's happening In the world right now, as far as going to Mars and Moon, and when the I s s Really This space race is getting really amazing. And finally, have you seen the picture of the brain New U S Postal Service mail truck of the future, Okay, They have a $485 million contract out there. We're gonna start seeing these new delivery trucks in 2023. But when you start looking at the pictures of the truck, you're like Wow. It looks kind of weird that we were all used to these little gas powered trucks that buzz up and down our streets right? And they haven't been updated for many, many years. So the USPS they really do need don't need new vehicles and hopefully they're going to be a whole bunch of TV's along the way too. When you started analyzing the picture of the U. S Postal Service truck. It does look like something else. The Flintstones, I admit, but has this huge front window. The future Huge front window is there so that they can see pedestrians more easily and cars and Um, pets and whatever else may be on the road, and there's always gonna be some GPS sensors and probably a dash cam built in on the inside, but it is nice to see that they Postal Service is getting involved as far as new technologies. And it reminds me of a joke. Now I'm a blonde in case you're wondering. So blonde's comptel blonde jokes. If you're not a blonde, you really shouldn't tell a blonde joke, especially if you're male. Because then you're considered well, you know, one of those male shelf in his pigs, right? So being a blonde, I can tell you blonde joke. Are you ready? Yes. Blonde was at the post office and started shouting into the envelope. The Postal Service worker behind the counter, said, Ma'am, ma'am, what do you doing? And the blonde said, sending a voicemail. Huh? Like you could never sell. You can't tell you buy that joke because you have no hair. So that's not gonna work Bomber That's not gonna work. Does.

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