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Asked anyone else what they think about anything like that would actually kill me if i was like having a taken another person's maybe the means i'm not ready for a relationship but i also think that it just was just with such a validating feeling because they think in may twenty is i really walked around like god like am i going to find the wind like him i going to be in a relationship my going to get married homolka have a career and do that it was really like only when i stopped thinking about it that i started to one be so appreciative i just i'm so appro i am so appreciative from my atonomy right now like i can't even tell you i want that for you you know and i know that like obviously she clearly places a very high value on relationships obviously and also marriage and kids yeah and so that automatically it's like the telltale heart rate and you just feel the threat from of like the metronome just like holy shit that i think that you kind of have to table that yeah as best you can like that's really hard and they'll yeah i think the thing that we should also serve to point out is that i do think that she's doing everything right in terms of like putting herself out there and like doing the homework has i don't think that there's anything fund about that yet the a dating app serve so tedious to use it's like so hard to get somebody in person to like actually go i have a role on you do five back and forth the fight literally five tax and at that point you know whether or not you wanna meet the person or la he say let's go get a drink you can't have a pen pal you don't you're young i would that's what always guide yet i mean like getting to inbox zero would be a fantasy let alone like.

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