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Young savoy brown or the stones or news. After even john. Mayall with mac. They were essentially aching elmore james and you know these and and robert johnson. They were taking those songs literally and putting their own spin on it. You know electrifying yet. Or adding english attitude and And that's when americans said wait a minute. This is great. Step away a game from us and it brought back an appreciation of the original masters. Yeah it's it's amazing that it's the english to make a cool look at look at what happened jimi hendrix jimi hendrix was aside and in the states from literally richard and then he went to england became a sensation and then he came back and he was like the conquering era but he was american. Who is i dated in in england. You know It does happen that way i mean. How long did it take to compile. This book didn't take a few years. Oh achieve hafner. Now you know actually cheated cheated cheated. Because what i did is over my years of interviewing these artists. I found a common theme. You know the americana thanks. And essentially i had these interviews Done in many cases written And so it's basically i was compiling would had done over the last couple of decades and writing new intros and a new introduction and finding a way to bring them all together the medically and so it was kind of a short chad as opposed to simply starting from scratch But it was a. It was economically very practical to do that. I knew the answer. But i wanna take know okay prints because a real the real sources the real reason for doing it. That way is because i probably ride for gold mannequin. Have anything distract me for my main mission. Some writing a book. I'm writing a book. But i have to keep my contributions To go out and continue to be diligent and meet deadlines that that pat princess said for me and so the but could secondary secondary notion. yeah while readers. How much you write for the magazine. You're in every issue Do decades right. I mean it's been writing for since then sedate. Forty as i gotta go back yard. I was started in two thousand ten as editor has been how you're all grown up at prince are and You also so. I knew that you had this americana idea in her head and you're compiling it and it was really no on who really spoke out for it so you know you definitely. That's why i said the definitive book on it because it really has written about it Even though it's commonly used phrase now and someone needs to kind of define it. And so i definitely recommend to readers and listeners to pick it up and you can pick it up in the gold mine shop now my hair that it is in there and you should pick it up Go to go go to shop. Dot goldmine mag dot com. And you can and you could get it. What are you working on next with..

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