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It's christmas weekend. I was nervous. You're nervous it was a fun time though. The steelers apparently were not nervous. Tony as they were leaving this game. Twenty one to ten right. Before the half. In many ways it pretty dominant bubby brister struggled a little bit with a couple of picks but overall it was a great defense performance. Great performance by the running game. So yeah they were doing what they had to do. At this point in the game while at the same time needing help from several other teams to make the playoffs so when we're concerned about what the steelers were doing. We've got a look at the scoreboard. And like i said. A lot of stuff has to happen. Otis anderson of the giants ran. He was the super bowl. Mvp year later but he was an mvp this day as he ran one in from the one to tie the raiders in new york and john for cades. Three yard. Td pass to eric. Martin for the saints countered by two dean be suci field. Goals may the score ten to six in indianapolis with the saints leading. Tampa bay had an opportunity to score as well after a great return by donnie elder set. Tampa up at the forty one yard line with fifty four seconds remaining in the half instead of tampa having new life. It was the steelers after woodson intercepted ferguson and a race to the tampa eighteen. Lots of returns for rodrick woodson on that day. Tony after three out. Gary anderson kicked a thirty two yard or for a twenty four to tend to lead. And it's halftime my friend. Are you feeling better about the steelers and looking at the scoreboard as well. I sure am. Everything's certain to fall into place. I mean t- ten quick points right before the half that was huge and of course everything's starting to break steelers way at least for the sunday game so yeah i was feeling pretty. Good at this point the bucks then would receive the second half kick to start off tampa controlled time of possession in the first half eighteen minutes to twelve. But the steelers owned both lines of scrimmage they would continue to do so as the third quarter started. Tim johnson. Greg lloyd and keith willis made stops to force upon but after a nine yard gain by hodge on first down. Wurley turn the ball over back to tampa bay heat a little problem with fumblitis and eugene. Marv recovered the football. The steelers defense would continue to clamp down though on the white cloud home team as woodruff and rookie. Aj jenkins made stops to make tampa punt. And i was really mad that they were wearing white. I wanted to see them in the cream. Sickles and they were very popular jerseys i remember a lot of kids in the early eighties talking about how they wanted to get those jerseys. I'm like really. The buccaneers are awful. But they look when when you see them now. They looked so cool. So i can see what the kids were. Talking about. back in the day scoreboard watches. Were pleased to see dalton. Hilliard's seven yard run extended lead to eleven in new orleans. Well otis anderson second one yard run. Put the giants up. Twenty four to seventeen on the raiders. So the steelers need to continue to take care of business. But they're getting the help that they need. so far. Two out of those three games with the one yet to play on the first carry of the next possession hunch fumble heads up by brister though to fall on it kept the ball with the steelers. This was weird. Merril hodge wasn't known for fumbling. The ball lot. Tim worley was as a rookie but they were not controlling the ball well for as well as they were doing tony. Pretty sloppy play as you said hodge wasn't much of a fumble but i guess maybe that's the kind of thing that's contagious like hitting in baseball. But fortunately for the steelers christopher's johnny on the spot and fell on the ball to keep the ball in pittsburgh possession so they needed a punt again and then tampa would take advantage and get points out of it first. Downs by tate stamps carrier. And willie drewery got the bucks down to the seven yard line. But coverage by thomas everett. What's in an larry griffin number. Twenty two halted that dr donald equal connected on a field goal from twenty four out in the score was twenty four to thirteen with four fifty six left in the third man. I always wanted to be a steeler. Just so i could hear yinzer pronounce that name. How do you think that would go. Tony nephew i try to spell out while taking notes for the game and it was completely different than what i saw when i when i saw the back of the jersey and i had to had to write it so it probably wouldn't have gone really well but it would be funny. Hey you see that. Dan old equal weekday and that. He's i think he's nigerian or something. And he's kicking for the steelers. That's going to be great. We gotta go. Dan the three rivers and check it out. That pronunciation was probably a little bit too. Good brian. i think it would have been way off way off. Dan igwe bike there. You go buke or whatever however you say his name rebuke his name. I know he's a good. Kicker kicking is my hands are getting better. Everyone says my bad. I thought it was good again. I mean you had the actual name pronunciation too good so you have to work on that a little bit but everything else is pretty good. I root on draft day for the steelers. Just take guys with crazy names. Just because i want to hear it. That's like angel singing to me. Tony hearing a person from pittsburgh speak but that is great. What you wish for all right so once again. Twenty four thirteen. Four fifty six left in the third. Meanwhile new orleans got another score as fourcade. Hit toby brenner for thirty yards. And a twenty four to six lead over indianapolis while you're nimmo. There's another name i remember. Beware net mow his field goal. Put the giants up. Ten on the raiders. It's all falling into place. The steelers offense then bid come alive running behind. Elkin dermontti dawson and terry long as wurley and hodge moved chains over and over a brisk past ellipse with a facemask penalty. Tacked on got pittsburgh. Dan to the ten after hajj randall. The one wurley took it in again. For a second touchdown on third and one with five seconds left in that third quarter the steelers lead now thirty one to thirteen. And you had to be feeling good. Tony i was feeling great. This score discouragement score combined with what was going on in the other games. I was starting to feel really good and starting to get my hopes up that pittsburgh could duty impossible and sneak into the playoffs in the fourth. Ferguson led the bucks down the field with passes doron hall. William harris carrier and stamps got ferguson and tampa down to the five but on fourth and goal bryan hinkle..

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