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Except for Prague, which I'm shooting in now, my grandchildren don't wanna go there. But everybody else does because that's a great city that I've been there before I shot a movie forget what it was. But about thirty years ago showed a movie there was sort of delighted to read that one of your favorite experiences on a film was dirty rotten scoundrels because I was a kid and that was my introduction to you win. That can I watch. Films. Riviera I mean, what could be better than that? So they rented a house for me because I was down there with my family. I had two daughters at that time. I they rented the house between Roger Moore, Leslie, Bricusse, the composer who would to my closest friends. It was wonderful wonderful laughs, you said that you once did a scene with Glenn Headley where you had fifty takes because you kept cracking up. We couldn't we couldn't stop laughing. So young, you know, a young woman like that of a how a woman of heart attack. You know, I always shade how tax with old men. And there was this young wonderful woman. Fabulous actress, I was so upset speaking of older men. I laughed out loud. When I read you say that you really don't feel your age at eighty five, but you feel it when you're on a film set, and you see your stand in. Yeah. You suddenly fade itself my daughter-in-law. And then you go who say they said this you're standing. Okay. How other people see me? Yeah. Family's definitely as you said a bigger priority. Now, you've been married to your lovely wife for forty seven years. I'm about to take myself in literally three days. Gimme a little advice. Michael, how do you keep it going that long separate bathrooms? Never share a bathroom. I love you. Anything? Let me ask you this Michael, do you think Hollywood is as glamorous today as it was when you first came to town. No, I don't think so what it is. They've come for these very big pictures. You know, like Star Wars no of that sort of thing. So you never get a glamorous personal films much any what you do. But then so so many of them Hollywood was made up of those. When when I first went there they made the occasional blockbuster. Great big film side, big Jim or something. But now, that's all they make it seems to me. Well, I've so enjoyed the book in the interview before we go I just have to ask there are many people who have made quite a thing of doing Michael Caine impressions. Who do you think does the best Michael Caine present company? Excepted, of course. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I'm well. I I've never seen it. I was doing an interview for CNN the other day. I they brought on Debbie doing clips of people who did impressions of me. I'm stunned by the impression done by Tom Hanks. Saturday Night Live on Saturday Night Live. I. He's got to do the accent. And he's an American, you know, easy. And so I I love Tom Hanks's actor anyway, so he's my favorite. Well, tell me how I'm doing here. Elo name is Michael that's a terrible one never mind. I did a better one earlier. Got it never mind. Well, once more, sir. Michael Caines book is called blowing the bloody doors off and other lessons in life. Cer- Michael Caine, this has been fun. Thanks so much for the chat. Thanks so much for me. It's been fun for me to. Thank you Bye-bye..

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