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York City that that she was producing. And she posted about needed a comedian for like A. Comedy show. And it was an awesome show I. Did it twice she was a coup last person. So she put so when I posted about. Wanting to do an interview with comic to show how arts is just to see how comedy has affected the mentally or mental health. Had affected their comedy. She reached out. So. I sat down with Andrea talk about growing up in Texas and Arizona Growing up with an authentically Italian household. And how that contributed to the to the slight downfall of her over mental health and the things that have transpired because of it. And we also talked about her going into theater and going into Improv and how helped her mentally. It was awesome carnival and there was a slight chunk of the talk cut out because she just wasn't sure. And it's fair. She wasn't sure that she wanted to put all that stuff out there in the world now. I I wanted. It'd be cool to have it in there because I think people are. People will feel it and I. Think I think that people connect with it but you know, I, get it. You know something that you don't not during the world is something you don't want up in your that your family could you know that that feminist so I appreciate that so you know there are there is a slight Here's a slight weirdness with a cut, but you know it doesn't really matter because it was an awesome talk nonetheless. So Harris may what the Great Andrea..

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