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The serious. Ports. Raises with Steve big. Raising and becoming ater views. This is with Steve. We're back at the races about fifteen into our three and terrific. Visit that that's a topic the ridge link topic that is always worth having the discussion. And and you know, because I think people they wonder what the decision making process, and and and how worthwhile it is. And of course, was a couple of years ago that way I always reference way Lucas's comment saying, you know, the. If it was up to him he thinks that nine out of ten should be gelded right away. And you know, gives you the best chance the maximize your your horses potential. But you know, we everybody everybody's hoping that they're going to get Estonian. Well, everybody also hopes that they're going to get a champion filly or champion mayor. And boy the last the last couple of years having a Pennsylvania bred filly or mare is a is a good formula because shamrock rose and unique Bala both unique Bella now two-time champion, and Brian San Fratello joins us, Brian, congratulations, everybody, Pennsylvania. What a what a great result. Yeah. Thanks to even good to be on with you again today. Yeah. Unbelievable. We had cham- rock rose. Read by best of luck form, Tommy and his wife. Lori fackler down a little bit above 'Akaola. He's a great guy. In fact, the break some forces for me and the second great one winner, and he and the sprint. I mean, she came from from out of it to just get up in time to win and the eclipse award that she won for female sprinter was the third award in consecutive years for PA Brits, we had unique Bella win it last year the female sprinter category. And we had finest city when it in two thousand and sixteen. So three years in a row for PA breads showing the, you know,.

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