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In our prisons and jails because his parents gonna force $7500 a month to have him. And, uh, community Vice mental health facility. LeMay said. All right outside of San Diego, where the sun always shines, but you had that same person was schizophrenic born into poverty. Then they don't have those advantages, and they'll end up in our prisons and jails, and he's hoping to make a little more headway in the Washington Legislature this year, but His difficulty, he says, is that people have an image of who former prisoners are. So it's tough until you do something about the hate and anger and ignorance really hate in ignorance that the general population are civil society has Former president. You're not gonna solve this problem. Ari Cohen, who runs the Post Prison education program, a 23 It's time for a traffic report. Here's Chris Sullivan. Well, we're still dealing with a couple of places that haven't quite given up the heavy slowing and one of them for certain is that North bound I five drivers. You're trying to make your way from the north end of Boeing Field right around al grow in the Michigan Kirby gets really slow. And I'm talking really slow bumper to bumper there is you work your way past the I 90 quarter. I'm not sure if we have something right there that I can't quite see from the cameras. But It gets pretty heavy, and you've got about a 30 minute trip still from South Center into Seattle about 10 minutes slower than it should be. The good news is, you won't really hit the brakes at all from the you know the East and it's come all the way up to that spot on I five so 42 minutes all the way from federal way The red to the Bellevue Drive's still very difficult, but it's getting better. It's thinning out. So more red on the map than black, which means you're do kind of have the feeling that you're moving somewhere. 35 minutes from rented to Bellevue was not too bad compared to where we were earlier out of the north end. We've come back down to 30 minutes or less from ever to Seattle or Bellevue. I mentioned Pierce County has cleared out nicely. Olympia to Tacoma is quiet to coma itself. Really? Not all that bad at all. 16 is quiet from gig Harbor across the Narrows all the way into Tacoma. 5 12 is not bad, even if the West and as you're trying to go west to I five in your quiet on that part of the Valley Freeway as well, Kyra Radio, real time traffic on the threes. I'm Chris Sullivan. I see sunshine, but not until Thursday. Actually, for Christmas. I got one of those controllable WiFi lights have seen those. No. You plug him in you down. You.

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