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To mourn, the twelve people shot to death in a mass shooting Friday at a municipal building. Stella reality a nightmare. On these people that are never going to wake up from her. It's, it's tragic it's heartbreaking. First of many visuals tonight, that were held for victims who all except for one worked for the city. We've got a lot of to make Trump signals too happy that they're playing, and that's the work that we're about to get underway starting today. Julie hill is the city's communications director and official with the Federal Bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosive said, investigators to forty five caliber pistols, used in the shooting, and indications are they were bought legally police chief James severa says the well armed forty year old gunman did not give police a chance to engage with him verbally. Identified him. He he identified them immediately opened fire immediately returned the fire. And again, I want everyone to know that this was a long term. Lack of any other times running gun battle with this individual officials say the man was employed by the city for about fifteen years as an engineer President Trump can take some encouragement from two new polls of the latest Harvard caps Harris poll, a more than sixty percent majority of pulled voters oppose impeaching and removing President Trump significantly, it's a poll taken after Wednesday's Muller press conference under semi twenty eight a sixty percent majority in the same survey wanted some kind of action against the president. The sixty eight percent majority now says the congress should accept the no collusion conclusion. And sixty five percent say except the no obstruction conclusion, George Zannini reporting French Elvis, movement, enters its twenty ninth street weekend of protests. This is townhall. The weather's enough, which means.

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