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The Rams defense was giving. They were taking it right short passes a lot of stuff underneath running the football and that opened up for play action. Big plays down the field. So if you're asking me of everybody that I've seen so far in the playoffs, and we're going to see Kansas City for the first time, and I know the Packers are number one seeds, but they just have the look and the field. And the confidence of a team that can not only get to the Super Bowl, but to win it all. And that so yesterday Packer's not only just just a great win, but but a well coached game. By Matt LeFlore. So that's my take away from the Packers game yesterday, they could win it all. I'm curious to see who they're going to face, and that's another great game that will talk about coming up later today in the Buccaneers in the And the New Orleans Saints. But the Packers man, that's a good team and Aaron Rodgers playing like that. He's the X factor. He could do so many different things with his legs, the set up his arm. So that's a dangerous team. They have three running backs that can all run the football. They could be physical about it. They have a tight end. That is excellent in the red zone and can really do it all. And now they have not only their top two receivers. There's some other guys that can do it as well. A very well balanced team. Let's move on to the Ravens in the bills. And let me say this from the front from the top of this game. That wind last night was real. It was really saw it in the kicking game. You saw it in the punting game. You saw it in the passing game. So I watching the game I'm thinking Run saying to myself, man. I wish the conditions were better because I'd like to see these two young stud quarterbacks in in a game where the wind isn't playing a factor, But that's I mean, that's the NFL. That's also what makes the NFL so great is that you're playing in all different kinds of conditions. And even though the bills and the Bills mafia Didn't get to pack the stadium and sell it out and have a real home field advantage with that. What they did was the conditions and buffalo the weather conditions. Guess gave them an advantage because here's the thing When I saw the wind, and I heard the wind, I would have thought that that favored which team Not the bills. But the Ravens because the Ravens better running the ball right. They have a couple of bags that are very good at running the ball and Lamar Jackson. The best thing that he does is what he's able to do with his feet and his legs, ultimately, sometimes setting up the throw. But what he could do as a runner makes him dynamic. He was 1000 yard rusher is a quarterback again this year, so going into the game, I'm thinking up. Not good for the bills. Not good for the bills at all. And I am like I'd like to Ravens I I I was I root for the Ravens. I like your team like the coach. I like they're the organizational style. But I'm also a bills fan, Sean McDermott. I'm from I'm from the Philly area, Sean McDermott from the Philly area. He spent a large portion of his coaching career before coming, becoming a head coach and buffalo with the Philadelphia Eagles on 80. Reid's staff. They mentioned it many, many times last night. On the broadcast along with John Hardball. So, Sean, the government I am. I'm a fan. I like Josh Allen that I like. I like Bills fans. I like Buffalo, a great football city that is starved for a champion. Well, listen. You have a team that has a chance After last night, we'll talk about that in a second, but more about Lamar s o set the table. Here It is A it was a 10 3 bills lied. All right. Buffalo takes the opening kickoff march down the field for a touchdown. 11 plays 66 yards. Remember in the first half. 33 and that last field goal by the Ravens came at the very end of the half Its three nothing heading into with 15 seconds left 3 to 3. The wind was really, really creating havoc on the passing game. So right away. Buffalo marches down. They get the opening kickoff. They marched down. Boom, boom, boom. 11 plays 66 yards. Stefan Diggs gets the touchdown. All right, so then now it's 10 to 3. So now you're like, all right, one of the Ravens got and they take that they take the cook kickoff and they marched down the field. 14 plays third and goal. At the nine and the game changed with one Lamar Jackson throw taps.

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