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I have to make sure really tell myself and again like good self talk. As far as i know my heart. And i'm not perfect and i'm sure there are times that i'm going to say something. That is wrong or crazy or whatever. It is but it's also not always about being right all the time just because you cover something doesn't mean you know everything about it I think if you're not learning any more than what's the point of doing this. So the internet trolls they stink but the warriors that are at your back i think there. There's just so many more. And that's what i try to focus on. Amen amen on the show. Last week we had someone on who is big on. I g on tiktok and deals with a lot of similar comments. That are just totally unnecessary. People just terrible. I don't know why there's something genetically with us that makes us want to keep looking. We know if we open that notification that it's going to be bad. I don't know why we do it but we do. And you know on a lower level blake when i was at espn and working on high-profile podcast and radio shows. I would get comments about you. Don't know wichita emma eggs. I was very nudist. I didn't know what i was talking about. But i let it let people get to me. And it's hard and it's hard to shut it off you can consciously keep that self that positive self taught coming but it's still hard to overcome. I remember early on in my first local station. One of the lead anchor saying to me. Don't ever read the comments most story on facebook. And you're gonna wanna go through the comments read. I'm just don't and i have made the mistake of doing that a few times. I actually caught myself a few weeks ago i was. I was searching for things trying to put together some clips from the last couple of years. Just because i like to hang onto things had slacked off a little bit on saving stuff. So i'm looking at what's been posted on twitter and i ended up on. Espn facebook page in looking at this video. And there's this comment. And i wasn't like seeking it out but i just happened to see it but of course it was like i think the comment was like sure you're a nice person but you are atrocious at this job. It's like okay. Isn't the worst one that i've got in my life but i still wish just like dang i was having a good day been. I saw that so You know it's it's tough when we live in this age of like you don't have to do anything like anybody can just seek you out and send their thoughts to you But i also do remind myself and we'll tell other people that don't don't go looking for it. don't try. don't start your name in twitter. I will say of never done that. And i never i hope i never will but there are ways to avoid. I was just say love and kindness. Just be the bigger person no matter. What when whenever people would comment on me..

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