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Bronx still jammed end to end but the accident by the bridge has gone degan jam both ways to the cross bronx harlem river drive northbound tri borough on up southbound you're still heavy from the triborough down to the teens but they cleared that emergency construction lincoln forty in thirty out the holland is about fifteen in twentyfive on the outbound side about we also have a problem off the newark bay extension as you try to make your way to the turnpike this report brought to you by theraworx relief to prevent muscle cramps in your legs and feet use theraworx relief this fast acting foam is clinically proven to relieve leg and foot cramps get theraworx relief today at select walgreens cvs and rite aid pharmacies or theraworxrelief dot com ask your pharmacist for theraworx relief i'm adrian watson on the home of the mets take a trip back with this week's rock almanac what's up rockers and rollers it's me bald freak ronnie here is always to take you on a trip back in time to this week in rock and roll history starting in nineteen seventy one when the rolling stones released the brown sugar single the first record released on their label and the first feature the licking tongue and lips logo in nineteen seventy six peter frampton goes to number one on the album chart with frampton comes alive for the first ten nonconsecutive weeks in one thousand nine hundred ninety the astronaut michael unions minor planet center manassas that asteroids fortyone fortyseven through forty one fifty would be named lennon mccartney harrison and starr after the four members of the beatles and as we get nineteen ninetysix the rest of jerry garcia's ashes are scattered near the golden gate bridge in san francisco a small portion it also been scattered in the ganges river in india eleven days.

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