Charles Charles Manson discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show


Fifty nine was not your junior year right no it wasn't impose that's when the book written ball okay go retha damn book and you can see well written in nineteen fifty nine i get so mad even thinking about that who which he is the may i didn't say a killer but he's a bad person charles charles manson again for for for what ball i know characters you as a character he's a rotten character about squirrel with a model wife and he's a bird perv he's a liar he he without without having committed a crime i don't any crime he's committed except coming on here about me i still say he's banner person at what he is in my opinion bana person as that guy that we talked about well jim for the record charles manson that we slow they've rotten as pale the all i wanna do is clarify he was wrong again i just said written the book of written in nineteen fiftynine you notice how twisted that laugh you know you know what he's doing you've done it to you imply that i was at junior in nineteen fifty nine which would make me what probably eighty which is a lot of work brother charles manson died so let me make sure i get the the i well i'm not making a couple of months ago i pay making a point was defending you by the way what you didn't offend me you never defend me you love that guy to come here and just just lack i'm just like the show at him jim i'm the one who said it was probably a fake account.

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