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Nice honor for a couple of Broncos. Absolutely. The Pro Bowl rosters announced last night. And yes von Miller. Philip Lindsey both named the twenty nineteen roster. Philip Lindsey he posted on Twitter. He's proud represent the three. Oh, three Colorado for the Pro Bowl. And here he is talking about this impressive Broncos rookie class when everybody her name is about confidence. And we have a we have a great way to class. And you know, we're gonna continue to continue to get better. We check this out. Lindsey becomes the first undrafted offensive player in NFL history to make the Pro Bowl as a rookie Philip also joins von Miller and our own David Treadwell as the only Broncos rookies to be selected to the Pro Bowl their rookie year. That's right. This was von seven Pro Bowl with Broncos trailing only. John Elway Steve atwater in champion for most all time. Bradley Chubb, Chris Harrison, Emmanuel Sanders are listed as Pro Bowl alternates. Two games remaining on the season. Broncos back at practice today. As they prep for their Monday night. Football matchup on the road against the raiders nuggets. Beat the Mavs last night the Pepsi center. One twenty six one eighteen to win their fourth straight as they sweep their home. Stand to Dakota Yokich thirty two points and sixteen rebounds. Coach Malone says he knows he s Salata joker. We need him to score. He scores thirty two and even to rebound. He does that we need him to facilitate may place for his teammates. He does that. And we're asking him to do a lot on defense and be up and pick and rolls and fly around so Nicole engine mall minutes. We're playing them probably too many minutes, but we have a lot of time before next game. So we'll get some rest and recovery the first place. Denver Nuggets will be in L L A on Saturday night taking on the clippers avalanche in the midst of a four game homestand and looked back after the loss Monday night to the islanders. So good news for the offense. Those sounds like Alexander Kerr foot will be available to play tonight. Here's coach NAR is another guy can play with.

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