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Ryan Newman it sounded bad a couple days ago yeah it sure did NASCAR driver has been released from Halifax hospital in Daytona beach show two days after Newman was involved in that horrific crash on the backstretch of the Daytona five hundred by the way no details on his injuries but Ryan Newman of walked out of the hospital and there's a picture of him on social media hand in hand with his two young girls he was said to be in great spirits joking with the some hospital staff no timetable for his return the ETS Mike Fiers will start a split squad game on Sunday in his first game action in the major leagues since the review of the astro sign stealing scheme will make his debut against either the giants for the Arizona Diamondbacks still to be determined fires wide fifteen for last year and through his second career no hitter during the season the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL of traded Stanley Cup winning goal scorer Alex Martinez to the Vegas golden knights for two second round draft picks Martinez spent his entire career with the kings they drafted him in two thousand seven he never scored more than eleven games in a regular season but he earned a permanent place in franchise history by scoring the series winning overtime goals in both the Western Conference finals in the Stanley Cup final six years ago that's amazing Martinez was also a member of the king's first championship team in twenty twelve and from the NBA as expected Cavaliers head coach John B. line resigned after just fifty four games as head coach in Cleveland the cavs have the second worst record in the NBA at fourteen forty and be line was miserable after transitioning to the pro game after twelve years as mission games had coach he decided to move on sent a five year contract in may the cavs worked out a buyout JB Bickerstaff will take over as the interim head coach in Cleveland after sports desk Kevin ravage KCBS this.

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