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Warden, Gavin News him. Now, as I mentioned before Napa County were his business is his wineries remains open, including his business. Well, actually, that's not entirely true. PlumpJack Winery, which is owned by Warden Newsome closed down today because of logistical issues. So if you're looking for a place to go this weekend where you could do wine tasting Ward Newsome still has another business That's open. So I'm gonna give you their number in case you want to call and very politely make a reservation 7072247533 At 7072247533 Now I'm receiving many, many, many reports from so many of you saying that the number is busy, so apparently the wine is very good and everyone's very excited going toward Newsome's business that's allowed to remain open. For wine this weekend, so just keep trying. And maybe you'll be able to make a reservation. All right. We're joined by Dr Nan Hayworth. Or you could follow on Twitter at Nan Hayworth. And we're taking your calls at 800 to 22 K A. B. C 1 800 to 2 to 5 to 2 to let's begin with Jacob. Jacob. You're on K B. C. Hello. Yes. Hello. Good. Ah, good afternoon. Socratic found you're all today. I had a question for the doctor. I'm reading on Linus research they're doing at the University of Wisconsin. Where they're scientists there are affecting the cats on purpose with Cove in 19 and they're saying that the cat will spread it to another cat. They take the cat, and they put it in a cage. And that effective cat will get the cove at 19 from the other cat that they infect. And these federal grants are paying for this research at the University of Wisconsin, and I wanted to know everyday household pets like cats. Are they making up a Cupid, 19 from human and then another person picks up that cat pets on it gets the virus. And I'm curious to know I'm trying to get more information about that. I run a tracking website for covert 19 and essentially, we appreciate you responding to that on Twitter Corona virus outbreak map dot com. Oh, you know, senior your stuff, Jacob. I didn't realize you but You know, there have been scattered reports aside from what they're doing in the University of Wisconsin, and you know it as someone who has four cats, Children not happy to hear they're deliberately infecting cats. But I'd have to look into what exactly they're doing there because I not had a chance. But there have been scattered reports of feline ahh and even canine Ah, species contracting coded, Not as far as I know, of passing and then on to human beings, although we have to assume that might be the case. So what does that mean? Well, you know, if you have a family member with co bit, and you share a household list, beloved pets, you know, make sure that maybe they know they room in a separate place from each other while your family member is affected. 1st 2 weeks of the infections when we think people are most likely to pass it on, and you know it's just common sense. You know, if if it could be around your household, you know, maybe don't kiss your pets with you lift. But you know, and wash your hands before you touch your eyes face her mouth after petting your beloved animals, And, you know, I don't think it's a major source right now, Jacob, Um, you know, but it's something obviously, for all of us to keep on on the radar screen. Thank you. So much for the call. I'm getting updates from listeners who are trying to make reservations to go to Warden Newsome's winery this weekend for wine tasting. Ah, one listener just said. I just got through and was very polite. What I asked her. But the woman was very rude and hung up on me. For some reason, that's no way to treat customers. There really isn't This is this is really bad. But you know what? I have an idea for what's that? You know, he could set up a kiosk on the beach in L, a County and Ventura County. Right. He could do that. And I'll bet you get a lot of business. If he just, you know, lifted that most of that edict. Think of the business they could do, and they could come and get one right there. I don't know about you. But sometimes if I call a business and I'm not happy with my customer service, all you have to do is hang up and call back because maybe you'll get someone who will look up on the right side of the bed. So that's my suggestion to you. If you still want to go and make a reservation wine tasting the number again 7072247533.

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