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Things that i i am very concerned about a minute talked to christine hot summers about this later is that office slice is poisons now i mean i both despise the sexualization of workplace our relationships that bin that's hideous and the ideas someone someone's getting ahead that way or or or being rick quiet is gonna get a promotion through through that is hideous but also it is it it is quite something that decades in decades and decades later individuals are are charged with these think there is no proving or disproving these allegations and i think there's going to be a boomerang effect on this which is actually not great for women are slipping but i'm worried about that true and you're right i mean uh edi wanted an office in order go to be very cautious river talking to people were so poses to put a burt rian flirtation is going to be somewhat i would think and pearson's and people can be falsely accused in your right one of the reasons i think that uh the judge more down in their scepticism about some of the allegations against judge morris now he's one of the most controversial people in alabama whose ron eight times or something in the charges were never made and now they all come pouring forth from thirty five forty years ago so people say wait a minute is this simply taken down a conservative and that's one of the reasons there is doubt in one of the reasons i think judge more still has a chance to win this election is just richer sent uh the scepticism the longer it mean the further back this goes john saying that were we're seeing here is democrats are getting singed by this at now in to a greater extent than republicans akhter or will the institutions if you talked about major media and your talk about hollywood norbert congress from previous years uh their democratic dominated liberal dominated institutions raymond raymond royal plant on he's with us tattoo on.

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