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Next. I want to talk about Mars direct. This is a plan that was developed by Dr Robert Xueren and Zuber's plan would allow humans to not just travel to Mars, but the comeback from Mars. So this is not a one way trip situation to do. So we would have to develop methods to manufacture rocket fuel from the Tirias on Mars, particularly materials that are found in Mars's atmosphere, and he advocates using Martian soil and minerals in it for construction materials, which could be problematic with the perchlorate issue. And like the Mars one plan he feels that would be important to extract water from the Martian soil to support life. But unlike the Mars one plan, he goes into a lot more detail about his ideas and has a lot more scholarship to back him up on many of his plans. So in the Mars direct plan the initial. Dan. The first step was to send an unmanned spacecraft called the earth return vehicle to Mars. So essentially, you're putting the the return ship onto Marzieh's surface. That's your first step and not only would it be the spacecraft. It would also the the payload would also include a Rover that would be able to travel on the surface of Mars and do mission parameters are fulfil mission parameters, I should say, and then the nuclear reactors that the Mars colony would use to process materials to generate rocket fuel. And the idea would be that between the Rover these nuclear reactors, and the return vehicle you would be able to process enough material to fully fuel they return vehicle and have it rained ago. So that day one when you land on Mars, you've already got your return ticket ready. So that was the first part of the plan, then you would have a second. Trip or he would send two payloads. One would be a second earth return vehicle or E R V, and another would be a habitat module that would be a place where people would actually live and a few astronauts along the way as well. The initial plan was to send four and that way, you would never have a situation where anyone would be alone. People can travel in pairs, the astronauts would spend about a year and a half on Mars before jumping into one of the ER vs and returning home, or maybe, you know, both necessary. But that would give them plenty of time to work on Mars to start setting up the colony and to get things really prepared for future trips. And while they would be returning home, a new crew and new ER vs and new habitat units could be traveling back toward Mars because this taking advantage of that same launch window. We talked about earlier, and so you would be. Adding more and more habitat units and earth return vehicles to the surface of Mars. This would keep up a cycle that would allow astronauts to explore more and more of the planet, and eventually start linking those hab units together to create a larger colony that could be sustainable and his plan really depends upon us making the most out of the materials that are available on Mars as barren as Mars is. There are a lot of ways that we could potentially exploited the material there to create a colony and including things like extracting that water from the soil. So it's a lot of living off the land kind of mentality as much as we possibly could. Now, unlike Mars won the Mars direct plan is just a proposal. It's not a project that's being run by a nonprofit that has a four profit element that supposed to hate all the money. That's what Mars one is doing Mars. Direct isn't it's more of an idea a strategy. That's advocated by zoo grin, and the Mars society. It is not an active organization that's taking investments in the supposed- effort to send people to Mars Zuber has proposed it to NASA. And after some initial criticisms about the plan. He went back and made some changes to his approach. One of those changes became the Mars semi direct approach, which would put the earth return vehicle. Not on the surface of Mars, the rather inserted into the orbit around Mars. So the earth return vehicle, the return ticket home would be in orbit around Mars and on Mars you had put a different vehicle called the Mars ascent vehicle. And it's only job would be to launch a crew off the surface of Mars into Martian orbit where Denic could run day view with the ER v that was already out in orbit Astra..

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