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The smallest acts of kindness can bright in the world. Let's new good feel good. Good bouquets afford those adjusting in. Join us every friday at six thirty pm esp. I should make the start of your every weekend and lighter and love year with the civic engagement conversations that goal organ politics anxious smith. You're watching teacher friday. But i am. I assume by any hand chilean charity. At kuni time she chat snuck j. Mogoba yes it's abani one lergy. Busy one dc landry's he was in moebius bram christmas. Now you know background good though. Caylao hormone catch up getting christmas decorations. Sober exciting normal upper school in a month and we would like to thank the powerful as platinum silo chief executive producer of the ncaa and her production and technical theme. I am content either steam ruth. My hobie no. Im sarah ended s afar. Jeez armide mates peers and france all around the world. Yes my and winker ridge. Our audience mama down viewers these our t. Chapters shared his livestream gomez right there any message questions. Draftsman shuttle and s where you're watching from yes goes on mantilla narrow up at butter hainan on occupied inter-arab case i must say cheech friday's they write us but before anything else just quick update on our be skrela year to fundraising implementation so far off thirty exclude beneficiaries go fully completed the inquiry and here are the latest updates through grail initiative. We were able to support me. I integrated school an indigenous community from maryvale but the in launching their three will call o'clock and go home learning space project and the project will help the learners especially the younger tribe members to enhance their dependency and numeracy skills. He learned in partnership with amazing. Grace phoned in australia. Lawless obama worldwide nathan. You were able to help. Guide gene by jan. Elementary will emeco Fan in purchasing materials for the painting and steamatic of their squad building under bear so the project also includes artists. Three their office. Steamrolls classrooms interbreeding of their school. Corporate side need this year's guessing among school's gonna my neon pylon manila union. Continue to nothing provide right and be this likewise was able to assist the academically challenged learners from kindergarten to grade one of segman elementary school in. Uganda the goose. And they'll sore to have thirty wireless speakers and thirty. Flash drives the supplement their learning other than their printed mood us their bindi. Long quia as adding laura molina at mcgonagall undermines who knows there's at arthur or you off physically when our when i went home In some one guy we were able to provide Dawn gory your stomach memorial school in one nine boxes of band papers. Sorry seven iranians for Yes and hopefully mapping print cylinder merimee merimee mood use because not and finally we were able to provide for the seventy struggling readers slash learners of mabini elementary school last month schools located at the foot of mount my own in legaspi city high school supply kits and storybooks as part of their baganda. A bus a program to improve the basic functional literacy level of the kindergarten grade six learners furthermore the squeeze in the incarnation with escape concert of their own guy to provide volunteer tutors for their learners. And so if you want to know more about this quite updates and ashford proceed so you can just take out. Beat that all-wise lash beat the tracker or visit our facebook each. I am making a difference. For more of the dea yes knopf last year You are l. Nominations hearts full of thanksgiving and for the anti from the bottom of our hearts from lapore demand from all of us. In i am mad. We say my damning damning salama to our partners door. Norris including the cheinal of course are volunteers and france. You are all part of the success to god the all the glory and the bindi line grab dominating updates and enjoy jay. We're also launching the day. The for you'll i mean new york on the new channel our lethal At inspired by mugging be the official song none is available on spotify and shumpert genuine copy by we note. That was our voice over by big gina. Bj high so hopefully the three mean and empowered to help each other during these times. And but in the paris iba mugging beata parasite easter at the beginning. But asa i. It's this be got on an id. We'll do he'd be up by what billy bean you'd be my sip on. Hulu peng kabbalah landon lean budding. Now mom i m not believe what isolating hockey nunc. Boom not not up. In the the hut unit unwind data nasa a combined roussel. I knew manila brazil. Mugging beata mugging da. Barra looking beat supper. Pb eating off all the jewish. And yes up with a topic that in for tonight program lugubrious up at night. And it's about millennials as advocates. So we're going to talk about cow. Millennials are dominating in forming the world. We live in today and interact with costs and social issues and of course it was not in the with a guest hung providing experience. Or go unexperienced about these topics began. Maqsoud brags the whole the tonight that he'll suggest i guess if we know lucas deco and so grind those five a yeah so tonight special gase said online content eight thirty and thirty five millennial so better known t. the g. on who is a lethal millennial any proud the dubbed by heart so her contender revolves around working dita with now begins through life as an adult was keeping up with the younger older and everyone in between january hard so dominant dominating the hang up so let's all work..

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