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Station I'm nine first warning meteorologist Austin Winfield newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. right now we're at sixty three degrees the funeral of chi a grant is the exception on those guidelines from the state in the corona virus pandemic other large religious gatherings are discouraged here's Brian counselors don't congregate together much much too dangerous I was governor those are some churches still holding services in spite of the corona virus outbreak Mike DeWine says he knows freedom of religion is a constitutional right but the governor says there are other ways for church communities have Sunday service without having to bring everybody together in the same place those of you who are still doing services we would ask you not to do that again we're not going to tell you not to do it but it really is not a A. Weiss that solid rock church eleven is one of those still holding services a message on their website says if there's ever been a time when we all need god's help it's now that's why they say they believe their doors should stay open I'm Brian copes newsradio seven W. O. W. here in Cincinnati a district three police officer has tested positive for covert nineteen now quarantined at home too others have taken the test the results are pending his colleagues a district three are working out of other locations they closed it and they're deep cleaning being done there to headquarters on Ferguson road now the latest from ABC Tuesday marks the end of the white house's fifteen days to slow the spread campaign aimed at containing the corona virus pandemic in the U. S. but when it comes to re opening parts of the country and the economy ABC medical contributor Dr.

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