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Rope report. It's time for some new. We have 8 stories today. Oh, wait. Start, oh, I like that one. Starting with our number one, PlayStation VR two is off to not a great start. This is right. I am shocked. Which part? There's one part. PlayStation BR two is enough to it's up to a bad start. Who could have thought? Who could have predicted this? I'm sure if somebody did predict that the audience would have been very kind to them. This is from Ryan dinsdale at IGN. Sony's PlayStation VR two was reportedly off to an underwhelming start with the virtual reality headset only expected to sell 270,000 units by the end of March. As reported by Bloomberg, the figure comes from research firm, IDC, and while 270,000 is still a lot of headsets, reports last year indicated that Sony was looking to produce 2 million PSVR two units to be sold by the end of March. Vice president of data analytics at IDC, Francisco, Geronimo, told Bloomberg that Sony would need to cut the price of the PSVR two to stop its launch from being a complete disaster. The headset, which already sits at $549 99 cents, is made even price here by the additional $499 and 99 cent cost of the required PlayStation 5, quote, consumers around the world are facing rising costs of living rising interest rates and rising layoffs. VR headsets are not top of the mind for most consumers under the current economic climate said Geronimo. Quote, I suspect a price cut on the PSVR two will be needed to avoid complete disaster. Of their new product and quote, Greg? Yeah. Is this a disaster? Well, that's hard to say. I think we all go back to, again, this is still reports that PlayStation was going to make 2 million, right? They never said they never confirmed that Sony reports last year indicated Sony was looking to produce 2 million, who knows if that's actually the case. That wasn't a shared publicly. So sadly, only PlayStation knows if it's a complete disaster. Because back with them, they're the ones who are setting what the metrics are for success and what they need to be. From our side in the industry, even if you wanted to take away from the figures here that are being pulled out right, which are, again, not official numbers from PlayStation or something like that. I would say yes, it is a disaster. I don't know, I think it's one to easily overlook because I don't think most people in our sphere expected this to be a huge success. I know that there is a very dedicated PlayStation VR two fan base. You and I both cheer for PlayStation VR two. We want it to do great. We were as excited as you could be as we heard about it and still not being wireless and yada yada yada. But what I go back to if you want to be because I have a personal stories I've shared on it, right? Of like, okay, well, we had our first emergency trip to Canada during the review period. So I left everything behind and Janet was amazing and picked up the slack and didn't reviews for us. But it was that idea that while I was in Canada away from my PlayStation away from my PlayStation VR, I was not like, I gotta get back to call the mountain. I gotta get back to what the bat I was upset that I was away from wild hearts. I wanted to go play stuff like that, right? And then even being back the other day, we were talking about it and you were like, are you gonna fish call them out? And I was like, oh, absolutely not. And I was like, you know what I mean? I don't remember the character's name. I have no connection to what was going on in the story. It's climbing and shooting arrows, which again, it does really well. I'm not taking away from those mechanics, but I'm not clamoring for that experience. We're gonna talk about today on PS, I love UXO. So Patreon dot com slash kind of fun to watch it live. Everywhere else tomorrow. We're talking about horizon one year later, right? As we're playing through forbidden west to get ready for the DLC. And goddamn, I'm having so much fun being back in that world, right? I am right now. I really like to get back and get a few more trophies and do this whole thing. There isn't even an inkling of that with me with calling the mountain. To the point of when we did the PSVR two and it was, before your eyes, I was like, this is the first must play. You know, understandably so, maybe a little bit more angry than I would like. The PlayStation VR two audience did come at me like, what are you talking about? Call them out. Grand Turismo. And I was like, I understand you, I don't think those are misplaced. I don't think those are things I'd say. Oh my God, stop everything if you have the headset and go get this thing. And that's what's killing this. And so I've said I didn't want to talk to my personal experiences, and they gave you 5 minutes on it. From a more wide take of it, I think what has been shocking isn't the right word, because I think we expected it, right? But what is the, oh man, this is not going well, is the fact that PlayStation VR two launched, I saw Paris, I saw Khalifa, I saw our friend David, I saw people tweeting about it, talking about it at launch, and then the oxygen left the room. I have not seen people talking about places you should be our two since then. And I don't even mean now weeks later. I mean, days after launch. Yeah. And so that's the whole thing. I'm just like, do you know this thing's not? They released switchback, right? Nobody could be bothered to care about it. We did the before your eyes thing. And we knew it was a gamble. Hey, let's not even put before your eyes in the title because of course that's an indie game, not many people know it. Let's talk about the first must play PlayStation VR too. That episode tanked. And this isn't me blaming. And it's just like, those are the bellwethers of, how is this thing doing? Let's take a temperature check. Do people care? No, they cared at launch because they want to know about it. And now there's this. And now there's this kind of stuff where people are going to care about this. People love being right and they love being negative and they love bringing out their knives and forks to carve up the body. I don't know what's

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