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I want to sit in this bad boy. I want to see what makes it different from the higher end models. And kind of get a feel for what is this like a chair that's more geared towards gamers at a price point because like you mentioned Paul the one, the higher tier ones are re skins of existing Herman Miller chairs that look gamer esque. But I'm wondering what functionality this one offers that could be any different, but it looks really interesting. Yeah, it's not clear there's any functionality other than just being ergonomic. I wonder if we end up seeing a $500 price point in this Herman Miller range, which would be very un Herman Miller like, right? That's just not Herman Miller's territory. This is very, very high end furniture. As we're creeping to like a $1000, I get it, it's still a lot of money for a chair. But in the Herman Miller world, this is not a lot of money. This is just not an expensive chair anymore in that world. And so it'll be interesting to see how far down market they move with this collaboration and how far away it gets from sort of being a Herman Miller product and more just like a Logitech plasticky product. Stewart says, I feel like we're cheating on Jeff by talking chairs without him in the room. Stewart, I love that comment, comment of the day. Everyone knows this is Jeff's favorite part of the show and he is going to be really upset by the way Jeff also just had a baby. So everyone's going to he's going to be very upset that he missed out on the chair with you. Which is his favorite favorite part of the show. Christian says one day my credit card points will allow me to get this or wait for the $500 chair Chris because I suspect it is coming, I feel it. And Stewart says, wow, that spin. Yeah, I've never, I don't think I've ever just spun all of these chair reviews. The chair launch videos, they always do the 360 spin in the chair, Jimmy. I've never, I don't know if you've ever said that your desk and just 360 for the fun of it, not since I was like 5. And that's as agree with Jimmy designs are important, but is the chair comfortable. How does it innovate sitting in a chair and playing video games?

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