Professor, Graduate Student, China discussed on FP's The Editor's Roundtable (The E.R.) - Book Talk: Spy Schools


In an agenda that somebody has sent me of a group called the national security higher education vise reported it said something in their laker do professor we'll talk about how a graduate student from china stole his research and started a competing institute there and i was like well you know that's pretty interesting and eventually i figured out who the various players were and that was the case right dealt with okay that's how i found the one about the vivian on the student in visibility research so the that was uh to those kind of public records were very hopeful that obviously for the fbi was they were not happy at all about you know my book i mean the cia you know i dealt with them occasionally you know they were a polite uh and it will they set up a couple interviews for me but i didn't get any great degree of cooperation there but i also didn't get any great degree of hostility you know they they seem to take it more and strive likulia people write books about the you know the fia hey this is no big deal but the fbi maybe because they were the focus in florida story that i wrote about ashley the fbi to uh you know get quite upset let me ask you a devil's advocate question about the duke university met him the cherry else case so piece i interviewed a lot of professors back in the day at that the industrial espionage cases that were prosecuted and also about professors after the ross case at university of tennessee who were deathly afraid of getting a troubling going to prison for cooperation or having graduate students brennan cia because there's a lot of ambiguity over what he's controlled under munitions in export controls.

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