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Here's another way came the people that are because when you sitting in a corner by yourself by a strong body odor come into the you. Ain't nobody look at you all right well. Thank you guys For today's comedy roulette. Thank you coming up. More of the steve harvey morning show right after this. You're listening to morning. Get your tickets now day. Tom state our iheartradio music festival presented by samsung galaxy. Eighteenth at area fifteen las vegas his new entertainment and events complex mind-blowing experience the hottest new stars from all genres of music performed. Live on the daytime sage galvanise. The baby's olivia rodrigo the kids. The roy sweetie slant on low twenty k. golden russell dickerson young blood. Abby berries statement gray gray ray and more the biggest artists in music come together for one weekend in las vegas. Get your tickets for twenty. Twenty one iheartradio music festival including the daytime sage at axs dot com presented by samsung galaxy. 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You've got to be extra careful with things. Like burning yard. Waste after all wildfires can start anywhere even in your neck of the woods go to smokybear dot com to learn more about wildfire prevention. Brought to you by the us forest service your state forester and the ad council dave. You have a segment called. I don't know who invented it but sure like to thank them. I'm like to start this off. An alternate but i'd like to start this off with the guy. That invented to salt shaker. Put salt because if i had to get myself off of a block licking it like a deal out in the backyard. That bothered me. I'm glad they put it in a damn shake that was ingenious assault. And that way. I ain't gotta use the box with little white girl on raincoat. Po too much out spout. Somebody may to shake thank all right all right. I got one who took that root beer imported over that ice cream and made that flow greatest invention in the worst right now in w rubio over ice cream. Yes law a root beer float. Joey last they did. I tell you what. I would like to take the person who was the first one to say i'm a whoopie away. Often use using net with my nephew. Having i need that that is important. Whoever was the first day I'd like to thank the person that came up with the term. Sugar honey iced tea. How many times it came to. Nfl his so much to meet throughout the years. Thank you man. Calls eight manure was not could you. Ain't that some kakar that ain't debt some poop now. I don't work that's a good one. Okay check this. The first lady that took them chitlins out. That how and said you know. What are we going to figure out somewhat. I got here we go. I'm gonna work. Clean is to see what i can do with. I'll be. I'll give you a minute. Hey y'all come about three four hall. Hope we come back. I'll tell you what i like. I would like to thank the person who kept a grease and put it in the cain your own bestow komo seconds dock and fish is always better. Didn't crunchy really thanked him. Potsy throwing this away. I don't know what made him say it. But i'm not phone this away. Put that in the crisco and let you hold on thank you. I want to thank whoever came up with running shoes worrying. Data's at an alarming rate. Thank you ought to watch people. Walking in ran over platforms and and stacked heel shoes. Thank god somebody came up with a run issue. This is my invitation to my board peanut. We were standing on the corner one day and this was peanut running from the police. Thank you everybody got ten. Okay okay. okay aw sugar. How about this that bottom. Tv only got volume. Whoever put that put that other tv on top only had pitching right there the pitcher from the bottom to sow by vice versa. What whoever came up with tv top brought down. He's every household good looking looking at last war from whoever came up with protective custody. So when you go to jail you ain't gotta be out there with everybody else if you ask. Them is a lou chip own into protective custody and don't have to worry about regular prison life. Thank you protective custody okay. I don't know who invented but thank them coming up. More of the steve harvey morning show right after this. You're listening to morning. Show all right carl. This is our girl chat segment. Okay no boys allowed. You know how we do first of all to celebrations today on this friday chew now today is national radio day out radio yes we do. Yeah happy national radio day to all of our colleagues everywhere. We know what you do. We know how you do it and just keep doing what.

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