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And I look myself when I think of the opposite, I cannot be around this place anymore because I'm not in sync with anyone mentally physically on strangest glory not you obviously here. And Gee just enjoy whatever. But tons of my spirit minded Jay is all around the world with like minded free awakened people and it's like I need to be out there. Connect you with these people and I cannot imagine bait in the same place than. Literally five minutes if I go somewhere in eastern thinking of the next place, because in terms of energy and mass, it always attracts in a takes energy and raises takes energy raise isn't it keeps getting bigger so you don't move to say. A place and then set for life you keep going get early than Hawaii then like Grand Canyon back to maybe Canada and you keep going with the energies all because the people who have been there before you came from somewhere and they went somewhere else. So if then save journey of kind of when it feels imbalanced, you move on then your different but you're just aware of this pattern before it even happened like you're not supposed to be in the same place trees they say the same and environments stay the same. Undo, she does keep me then. Yeah. I would say There's definitely after having traveled. For the last three and a half years. It's been interesting 'cause it's I haven't been like backpacking haven't been Living like a bull on Gypsy lifestyle but it's been pretty damn close in the last three and a half years I've probably moved at least twenty times and lived with probably at least fifty different people. maybe even closer to like seventy people. Just. Having lived in different communities, spaces, intentional communities, sustainable communities And I would say that it got to a point for me for sure after you know. Living minimalist lifestyle is definitely the best. If you're wanting to travel, you WANNA be able to you know keep your physical belongings relatively. and. Something that I chose to do early on knowing that I wasn't going to be focused on making money was just carrying with me like my quality items knowing that they you have some kind of value and I started giving things away and couldn't onto the universe like, okay I know this isn't like cash money but this is like something really valuable to me and I'm putting it into like my currency into my exchange. Trusting that it will come back to me as it needs to whether it'd be through food or shelter or a ride to whatever location Inside. Just you know had been moving around for like three and a half years of having staff, giving giving it away getting rid of it getting more Steph, giving it away, getting rid of it but also like leaving my belongings at a friend's house getting on a plane and going to the next island. And or even I was super randomly..

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