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Discourse was dominated by talk of Alien abductions, alien corpses, secret hangars at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ancient alien astronauts and Lian bases under the sea. Massive government conspiracies. The majestic 12, a group of 12 men who had been convened in secret by President Truman in the interest of national security to protect Americans from Our true secret dealings with galactic civilizations. You've been a surrogate mother for aliens three times. At least I think it's more like seven times seven times. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. All of this stuff is what dominates UFO discussions for the next 50 years. Until 37th when Leslie Kean dropped her bombshell report. In October of 2017. You were called to, um, Hotel bar in near the Pentagon. Not really a bar, hotel space, old space hotel lobby space near the Pentagon. And who was there? And what did you learn? Well. The main reason for that meeting was for me to meet Louise Elizondo, who was the former head of the Department of Defense Program, and Christopher Melon, who was a former undersecretary of defense for intelligence at the Pentagon. Was there And former CIA person. And it was at that meeting that I was first shown the videos, the three videos that eventually came out as well as a lot of documents that established the reality of the program. This man, Luis Elizondo was a former counterintelligence officer. He'd been running a secret program at the Pentagon for years studying UFOs. That program had begun in 2007 when Nevada Senator Harry Reid had found $22 million in black money appropriations to set up an investigation into the reality of the phenomenon. Well, I came to the realization Despite all my staff, telling me to stay the hell away from that. It was something that Had to be done. That's Harry Reid, I think would have been a Yeah. Legislative malpractice for me not to get involved. In hindsight, it has hurt me politically. I fact that I could go today and one of the hotels here in Vegas. Stars area Harry Reid. I'll.

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