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He should be. Oh L. Maybe not. I was thinking when they bring X men in. He could be Bishop. I think it'd be good. He can be okay there. I don't know. This is a hard one. We'll put up a poll for it's fine his his his his career's kind of gone downhill. So it's hard to be. I like this guy would be perfect for him. Oh, live action. What about prowler? I would love that from e. Yeah. No, he could be prowler one hundred. Now, here's the thing. Erin deal. Aaron Davis is played by. My mind just went blank the guy who is from community and originally byles Morale's kind of based off of him down over. Yeah. So originally so right now in the Spiderman universe Aaron Davis has prowler or air. Yeah. Aaron Bevis is not prowler. He is played by Donald gover. But I think I could really dig a dig a Will Smith prowler, I think that'd be good Donald Glover. Like when he's in Spiderman. Yeah. Yeah. Hands prowler he plays and Davis who Aaron Davis is the name of miles Morales, uncle and miles. Morales is prowler spoilers. And I also he could also be blade. What a lock. Get Wesley Snipes is replace him. Supposed to be in the second Spiderman movie. I hope so too to I loved on Glover. So I love into the spider verse has such a good show. It was it was it was very good. So good. Yeah. All right. So. James gunn? He's he's running suicide squad. It's should be a good movie..

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