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News we turn to what we know fog of war of the events of saturday last israeli time over syria and over israel a reverse engineer dark q one seventy sentinel drone directed by the iranians were told crossed into israel this is regarded by observers in jerusalem and tel aviv as the first attack by iran on israel a drone that is capable of carrying weapons but also has intelligence gathering devices that are critical if there is to be a conflict on the golan heights or bacar the israelis responded directly and massively shot down the drone and then through warcraft in two aircraft into syria massively at some point in the contest and f sixteen israeli iaaf f sixteen was brought down with an explosion nearby ash throwing shrapnel into the way into the aircraft have sixteen as it has two crewmen a one was gravely injured the crash in israeli territory however after that there was more israeli conned a congress strike against elements of the iranian surrogates throughout syria some of whom are paid by russia at some point in the contest it became clear that it was escalating perhaps out of hand for russia and were told by ronen bergman in the new york times in these last days that the president of russia called the prime minister of israel and the escalation stopped but days later the report in israel now is that people living on the golan on the syrian side have brought to the idea and confirmed parts of an s two hundred ground to air missile russianbuilt an s two hundred is part of the integrated air defence system that russia has including the s three hundred in the as 400 these are very good weapons but the air defense system is all integrated so when you see something you can shoot it from any direction the fact that an s two hundred a parts were found means that that that aircraft was not brought down by a syrian man pad firing of that's a shoulderfired missile a weapon but an integrated system suggesting that are that the russians push the button or rushing advisers were standing by when the putt button was pushed sav turned the screw what does this mean for the trump administration what does this mean for the risk to our ally and now the way that mr trump and his counselors there trying to work with the palestinians and the hamas and hezbollah and the syrians in the region we'll dormitory also.

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