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Than premium national mattress brand spot exclusively Can Michael's furniture and book Field Greenfield and downtown Milwaukee. Traffic and weather on the tens on a Friday afternoon headed into a Labor Day weekend, a little rough out there. That's the little bits got some stuff going on right now. Especially right around the stadium interchange right now. East Almighty for Howie won 75 right Lane was blocked with an accident. Over things off to the right side. But we still got some headaches We've got backup says matter of fact, back all the way to 84 Street from the zoo into downtown. You're looking at about 11 minute ride, So it's an extra four westbound side. Just everybody wants to get out of town. So we're seeing backups from about 25th Street all the way through the stadium interchange. We are up to about 13 minutes. There's an extra six. Now on 43 94 north bound. We do have an issue at the Mitchell Interchange. Er, it was an accident reported through that area. So if you do have some taps on the brakes setting through there, just keep that in mind, But at this point our travel times you're still looking pretty good on the North bound side South found. We did have that earlier. Car fire or vehicle fire at Howard Avenue does have Layton Avenue you're looking at about a minute ride. North found 43 just heavy ride there. It's about 12 minutes to get from downtown to good Hope Road. It's an extra four haven't heard if there's anything specific going on there. But as something keep an eye on, also, 41 North could help road here up to about 11 minute ride, so just a tap of the breaks an extra minute onto your normal ride. It's time to greet the world again. If you see something we should know about called it. W T. M. J Hall, Mazda Milwaukee dot com Traffic tip line. That's your one for 203 81 100 rediscover the road at home. Awesome traffic and weather together on the tens on Mosca W T. M. J was a weekend. Look here. Let's see. Partly cloudy, a spotty shower possible tonight the low of 58.

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