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The show and at the end of the show right there at the end of the show is usually when people call and uh and it's the busiest uh four our phone lines when joe pattern the team opened their calendars up to sit down with you and talk about your retirement so i just want to let you know that if if you do call in and you know you have to wait for a you know a couple of seconds or you are asked to leave a message just leave a message and number and we will call you right back to make sure that we take care of you soon as we can and get you uh did you what you need which is a onepage retirement income plan has right mike we're gonna really help them out in uh today if anybody calls in you know i have some extra time this afternoon's up you know if anybody calls in today i'll try myself to give me a call back within the hour so uh within hours the show will make it happen you know joe pets as we're talking about that i'm thinking to myself as someone is getting ready to retire in you talk about this all the time ukraine 'cause you see it every day adama capital you know it you have your life savings and people are a little apprehensive people are so i'm scared with what i have right now and i'm in the mid40s man i don't want to lose it but is so it was i can only imagine i empathise with that that this is what you have and it has to last you twenty to thirty plus years in retirement so mike it's a little bit like this you member when you were a young boy and you were standing on the high die for the first time skier how high that look tell ya scary that water look down below but after you jumped off he jumped bright backup out of there and he said well that was great yeah um you know people need to understand that just like a little boy jumping off to hide off it's normal in it's okay there would be something wrong with you if you.

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