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Andy just had a scream cone upside down on his head party had Sean as is our new look Schwan is basking Gloria he's got a post rainbow or going. Long as rainbow colored. And me, I haven't I believe. Still ramping on working. I'm doing a radio. It's that time during the news. I do not think it's interesting to listen to people eat on the radio. You guys get enjoy. I'm glad you subscribe to that. But man, that's really good. Later. I'm okay right now, don't you all think about me? I was just trying to be nice because you have the owner the ice cream shop here. She wants a little, you know, reaction to her. She loves me, eat rainbows at her store. Many times through the years another story because we're featuring my favorites outside places today. Another one of my favorites is a grocery store that we used to frequent when I lived at one hundred ninth and artesian just really around the corner was a county fair foods, which is one hundred eighth and western avenue, and it's to me much more than a grocery store. Tom Pappas is the owner. Tom, welcome nice to have you here with us today. Dean, thanks for having me. Appreciate it. I don't think we've ever featured a grocery store on this food show in all the years that I've done this show. But it's worth mentioning for a lot of reasons. It's a it's a family owned operation. Yes. But you don't find very. Much these giant corporations. They're definitely shrinking these claiming that you've managed to not only survive but thrive with this fantastic grocery store that serves the needs of that community. We have we have an a lot of it is due to the neighborhood because they really care about the small business and Beverly it's a big deal to them. And they they realize that to have a store like that is unique and it enhances the whole area. Yeah. It's very it. Feels very old school when you go there, they've got, you know, everything that you could possibly want, and every modern thing, but it feels it reminds you of when you were younger, and you go to these family grocery stores, and they used to be all over this know, it I know it all that's the kind of feeling that you get when you go to a county fair. The one thing that's in particular for this time of year that I I wanted to bring you on for. County. Fair sells more corned beef than any one store in Chicago for Saint Patrick's Day, right? We do more than any other single store. We it goes between ten and twelve tonnes for the week. Wow. Which is twenty two twenty four thousand pounds of corned beef it I have to give a shout out to my Irish imported butcher. Michael Benson who pretty much lives all their corned beef out of the barrels the whole week. And he when when he comes home from work his wife tells him to take his clothes off in the in the garage. Go right to the shower. Do you make an onsite we get it from our supplier? But the difference in our corned beef. My dad Bill baffles came up with this idea as the parade grew in popularity and he said, you know, we have to capitalize on all these people eating corn beef. We have to make it special. So we get it in barrels. It's not package. It's soaking into Ryan the whole time, and we pull out the whole brisket. And we cut it right in front of the customer. They want to have a brisket or some people want twenty thirty forty pounds of it. Right. Yep. Different parties, and they're putting on what's a Saint Patrick's Day like at county fair. It's got to be one of your biggest weeks of the year. I would think is right up there with Christmas. And thanksgiving, you tell the truth. It really is. It's it's huge all the all the residents of Beverly are having their families over and they're all having parties. It's like the first day of spring. They're all out in front yards running around. He had their green on. And it's just it's just a lot of fun and people get really excite. Waited for it. Yeah. What other special Saint Patrick's Day things? Do you have going on aside from the corn beef? I mean, I think that's a huge deal to be the number one corned beef supply store in Chicago corner. Beef is definitely the number one thing we also cook her own corned beef and sell it cooked in Delhi, which we slice for customers. Cabbages always cabbage. And reputations is always on the menu. We always want have the lowest price and cabbage that that's important, but it just the whole festive look the whole store and everybody's in a good mood. They're excited for it. It's it's been a long winter and people are ready to get outside. Right. Right. Really? And the parade goes right by the store right in front of the store, we close on pray. They can't get to the store anyway. So we close and everybody all the all our employees all want. Enjoy the day. They all have parties and things to do. So we just let him have added get to enjoy the store. It's county fair foods one hundred Nathan western you, can't miss it. People want to get more. If you have a website right now, we do we do. If I can remember, I think, it's the thank you county, fair food dot net. That sounds about right. Yes. We'll double check that. Okay. Tom baptises the owner, Tom. Thank you very much for cake day. Thanks for having me. Appreciate happy Saint PAT's to you. And we'll take a break. We'll be right back WGN..

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