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Is the Mark Belling late afternoon show on news talk, 11 30 W. Said. They're talking about all the grocery chains that have opened in the Milwaukee area over the last Two years. The shakeouts already occurring hours has been open for. I think only two years and they're closing the store in downtown Milwaukee. This is a popular chain from Madison, the open their store in the I mean, they had everything go right. They moved into the 7 77 building. They thought that let's take advantage of the zillions of people who worked downtown to grab a goal kind of thing. Decency. I soar well. Every office and dot building in downtown Milwaukee is closed. Northwestern Mutual Shut down. That apartment building isn't full like that store was close to a convenience store. You guys parked right in front of could run in and grab my stuff. Be five feet from the door. And so I just think a lot of grocery teens are going to go under, especially if you go to this kind of delivery boat. That a lot of them just don't have the kind of Warehousing and product selection, and they're just not set up to be able to compete in that environment. Anyway, As I indicated, we're gonna turn our attention now to the developments. They have surrounded the situation that occurred in Wauwatosa. On Saturday night and shortly we're going to be joined by the wall, but does the police chief Gerry Weber. For those of you who haven't closely followed this. There have obvious I won't give you all the background because most of you know the story. There's been ongoing protests in Wauwatosa even before the George Floyd situation over this, that and the other thing and They have focused locally on the case of Officer Joseph MENSA, who is the police officer who shot and killed a man who, armed with a stolen gun was part of a group that was causing a disturbance and running toward Mayfair Mall. While armed with that stolen gun. He also had 36 rounds of ammunition and an extended magazine. And according to the police investigation, he fired a shot that officer men sub and protesters have been going after Officer men ever since The wall photos the city council. Recommended that he his employment be terminated in the fire and police Commission has suspended him. As I had predicted. This is not satisfied the protesters who have disrupted government meetings who made wild statements at a public meeting at hard Park, and then on Saturday, I took their protest directly to the home. Off officer Men's his girlfriend, who is a police officer in Milwaukee. Where Officer Benson Wass and a situation developed in which Officer MENSA says that he was shot at Before we talk to Chief Webber. I want to deal with two new developments today. The first A letter that was sent today by Congressman Jim Sense it better. Guys, you probably know this city election today to replace time is the sense of better who's been in the house for a long, long time Republican primary Today is between Clift Temple and Scott Fitzgerald and the Republican candidate for that seed is going to be determined in today's election. But sensitive writer is still there since it brothers. This thick includes portions, but not all of Wauwatosa. He sent the following letter to me, your dentist McBride of Wauwatosa today, Dear Mayor McBride. I write to you today concerning the deteriorating security and policing in Wauwatosa. The protests, which may have started peacefully have been growing ever more violent and the event Saturday night outside the residence of Officer Joseph Mintz have required a meat require immediate leadership and strong action from you. And the elected leaders of Wauwatosa first allow me to be clear that I am and always will be supportive of American citizens. First Amendment rights, having said that ever since the death of George Flight in Minneapolis and the protests and the protests the incident sparked There has been a push by community leaders throughout the country to weaken, defund and abolish police departments in several cities. Locally, Officer MENSA has become the poster child for this movement due to his three officer involved shooting incidents. Officer MENSA has dedicated his life to protecting our community and has been cleared by the Milwaukee County District attorney's office of two of the three shootings in which he has been involved. The third incident is still under review. Despite the decisions by the Milwaukee County D. A. You're common council passed a resolution calling for the termination of officer menses employment with the Wauwatosa Police Department. While I understand the common Council wants to bring reforms that the OPD the consequences of their actions are having serious repercussions for the residents of your community. Citizens of Baba Tosa are being harassed by these protests. Protesters who have now laid siege to a residence in your community where a gun was fired at a home with women and Children inside. Actions like this, and the breakdown of law and order will spread fear and force the citizens of Allah toasted to reconsider their choice to reside there. The mass emigration from your city would be devastating to the very fabric of that community. In addition to the detrimental effect it would have on your tax base schools and city sciences. As I believe we are teetering at a crisis. I am offering my assistance. I stand ready to contact federal law enforcement agencies and bring them to Wauwatosa in order to bring peace and tranquility back to the community. I look forward to hearing from you. Well, we have reached a critical tipping point in Wauwatosa. I am confident that if we work together, we can restore the rule of law. It is crucial that we strive to preserve the excellent quality of life that has drawn so many toe work. And raise their families in Wauwatosa and signed by Jim Sensenbrenner, member of Congress. His district includes portions of the city of Wauwatosa. Seconds slow. State representative David Bowie and Milwaukee who says he was part of the demonstration in protests that occurred outside this residents. That officer Benson was at on Saturday night is saying that nobody tried to kill Officer MENSA, and he's blaming MENSA for all of the developments that occurred. Quoted in the Js online today, Bowen said, and I quote from the story, Bowen said No protesters fired at MENSA during the protest. It should Bob said 50 to 60 people outside menses Wauwatosa home again. It's actually his girl friend's home. But he's residing there. Bowling and other protesters said they were provoked by MENSA before the physical altercation that took place out outside his home quote. It was clearly communicated as we were trying to figure out what happened that it was Joseph MENSA in that tussle that turned off the safety on that firearm and told the trigger. Owen said today, the Wauwatosa Police Department issued a statement saying there is a lot of false information and rumors being circulated on social media and through the news media regarding the events on Saturday night, August 8th outside the home where Wauwatosa Police officer Joseph MENSA was stag best includes an accurate information and allegations contained an official press releases from a state elected official was outside of the home. Well criminal conduct and a shooting occurred. What occurred Saturday night was not organized a peaceful protest. It was a targeted planned act of violence against one of our police officers. In our community. This is an active ongoing investigation and evidence continues to be gathered regarding the events of August 8. Investigators are looking through a large amount of high quality video footage from the scene and are working to identify suspects and vehicles involved in any illegal activity. A statement, then quotes police chief. Very Weber The welcome toast. The Police Department will not stand by and allow this type of intimidating, aggressive, dangerous illegal behavior to occur, especially under the guise of peaceful protests. And with that we are joined right now by while tossed his police chief, Very Weber chief would have to know. Good afternoon, Mark. Thanks for having me before we get into any of the other developments of this. I want to ask you since your department and you put out a press release today, suggesting that the statements by representative born are not accurate. What Specifically, are you saying.

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