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The river has the picket heading to pick up mail to post office, Coleman, Hatfield historian and grandson of Deva, Lance Hatfield later documents events in his own writing, stating the dock Ellis consummate politician intends to step off the locomotive and shake hands with pastures who've preparing to boat as doc Ella steps down to a rough wooden slats between two passenger coaches. He just happens to come face to face with last Hatfield. Who's older standing on the boardwalk talking to travelers? Hello, alas, doc Mona's. He tries to start step the show at temple Hatfield. Hello, doc, allies replies with a wide grin. He places his hand undock shoulder stopping him in mid stride. So doc, you think you can come take me cross Kentucky, easy, as you did my brother after a few tents seconds alas. Decides was not the time or place to get revenge and turns away mumbling you son of a bitch. And he starts speaking with another travel in friend Ajay peril. When all hell breaks loose, doc. Ella shouts. I'll show you who's a son of a bitch as he lunged for the doorway of the passenger grabbed his rifle leveling added last seen was about to take place or seen. What was about to take place peril through his armful pushing allies back which just as doc squeeze the trigger and the Winchester exploded in gunfire travels on the boardwalk dove for cover scattering as gunsmoke build the shot. Just misses Alaska's head and he instinctively pivots while. Job and his Colt. Single action from his belt and returns fire. The shot was definitely next round. Hit a middle cuff link on docks reaced in the forty five bullet ricocheted upward breaking dock Ellis. His neck blood spotted from the entrance wound. Doc, Phil would dit on July twelfth allies turned himself into the Williamson courthouse in his arrested and then jailed on murder charges relating to death of Humphrey. Daca. Plead is self defense before license court case can come to the conclusion to its conclusion his brother cap, second son of devil intercedes. Decides gotta help his baby brother break at a jail and escaped possible. Life in prison or the hangman's noose in the middle of the night on August eighteenth while lies weights and the small cell cap slips through the backstreets Williamson on horseback. Leads large buckskin pony up behind him, according to family lore. Kep carried heavy Riggins with him. And once he arrived the jail he secured one end of a heavy rope cable to a saddle horn. Tie the other to the iron bars covering the jailhouse window, and then just he Spurs his horse in the force Yankee iron bars free, along some chunks of masonry around the window casing, and then, you know, allies pushes some more of your sides Jimmy's out to the opening in the two just fucking takeoff. They flee the mountain state that night bounced around various nearby states for about a year. Then just come home. Well, when allies eventually returns, the mountain state, he's immediately arrested and later convicted for the murder of doc allies, he sent to the West Virginia penitentiary mounds Ville, but as quickly paroled by George W Atkinson governor, the governor of the state in a man with ties to the hatfields tug Ravelli. Of course, Jon also gets off easy. Lieutenant governor of Kentucky. William Pryor thorn, request his request for a pardon. Shortly thereafter, the hatfields still have a little bit of Poland in Kentucky as well. Cap. Ends up becoming a lawyer shortly after that setting up a practice in Logan county, which then would pass onto his son Coleman and his daughter. I lean in the line. An I lean skews me little trivia, it would become the first female attorney, Logan county. I wonder if he used that jailbreak story to win over any clients when you hire kept half, you you oughta get off or you broke out is a half way. The first decades of the twentieth century, the Hatfield mccoys largely steer clear of trouble. They steer clear from a labor rights that would trouble Mingo and Logan counties from nineteen ninety one to nineteen twenty one with the exception of one big part of family lore..

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