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Their own structures around the venue in order to get exactly what they want that's presumably the steve jobs theater gives them all of the stuff that they normally have to build the get to have complete control it's their property right but since these other places that's not the case i think we'll we'll see pretty quickly here that either they're going to be somewhere else and they've got to do the build where they really are going to do it on apple the apple part campus which that would be exciting if that was our first our first view the apple park campus was the the iphone event this fall that would be awesome but it sounds like you know at least this reporting can't can't pin down all it could all could do say they'd like to have it there and i have no doubt that they would like to have their i just don't know if they're going to manage it and i i just i don't have any information about this that i would have to against guess that they would not want the first highprofile event at the theater name for steve jobs to go anything the flawlessly i do i do wonder about that like i had the thought of do you want i get wanted to make your big splash iphone event the first event at the at the steve jobs theater i also wonder like would you be better off with a slightly lower profile event like an october event where you announce some minor stuff or a you know a spring event where you announce some new max or whatever would that be a better time to to do a dry run at that theater rather than because the iphone event is the big event like the most people care about it it's the one that generates the most web traffic it generates the most video streams it is the biggest attendance in terms of like press and vip attendance the wwl see keynote is bigger but it that's 'cause they're all the developers who were at the conference there but like the iphone event is the big event and.

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