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From my phone. I was so suggested to move it, So I'm gonna do that, and it doesn't work. I don't know what to do. But I don't want no absentee on my first day. A long line wrapped around the district building. Yesterday, Tameka and a lot of other parents were turned away because it got too late. Those pickups are set up on Lee from nine AM until two PM The district says There are enough chromebooks for each student and that if parents can't make it themselves to send somebody else, all they need to do is bring along a photo ideas. Well, is the ID number of the student to sign out One of those chromebooks anybody who is having trouble picking up a chromebook or Setting one up. They already have. Brandon should email the district at family tech support at Fila SD Donna work Alright, Thanks, Mike. Well, they're going to require school IEDs starting this week for students picking up food at meal sites throughout the city. But Mayor Kenny says that has now been scrapped. This means the beginning this Thursday, September 3rd. Students and families can pick up a grab and go meal boxes at any one of the 62 school district Meals distribution sites. Regardless of what school they're tell. Pickup is every Thursday. 9 A.m. to noon and students will get meals for the entire week before the police this morning still looking for the driver who cut off another car, setting off a crash that killed a 35 year old man. Injured several other people. The responsible driver running away on foot after the crash, and K Y W's Tim Mementos joins us live from the crash scene in Overbrook Park him Yes, Brandon. This is really a violent crash here at Haverford Avenue in Road Street. Yesterday. Neighbors like one gains. Tell NBC 10 they and out of their homes or the business is here to get people out of the wreckage started screaming. There were Children. There were Children, get.

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