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Did i tell you i went to dinner with three <hes>. Pass guests in one probably never guessed of this show last week. Also you know i knew that the dinner was happening here anything about it which made me feel like oh it was is just like everybody was just talking smack about rob the whole time so don't say anything about it at all. I don't know i you know it's it's not a big social. Media crew real. I think yeah when it was jessica lease from the jeopardy episode and mike from <hes> from the <hes> branch jesuit learn from the tweets are trash and jordan came from never been on this podcast before <hes> <hes> but yeah no time assam i think because we're like an older crew were not like post and times instagram instagram type. It'd be yeah millennials. <hes> gen gen z. has killed the as as killed the instant like sort of you know i take my daughter. I don't know what generation relationship amanda what generations a thirteen year old. I think that that's gen z. We take her out to dinner and no one is allowed to touch her food until she's taking the picture of each person's dinner. It's not really how i live my life. Wow live their lives. Yeah you cannot touch your food like pizzas like neuro need to take like and i don't know who wants to see these pictures of food. Her friends care but she sends them to a friends. I don't think they care either everything before graf yeah. Who's doing that. Your daughter yeah my thirteen year old daughter. She takes every piece of food like we go to the restaurant. Everything has to be photographed before we can get bite into it. Wow okay yeah. That sounds like hell. I mean get you know. You'll whatever whatever the equivalent of that is. You'll have to deal with it in eight years. Don't worry about it all right. Well i i. I don't want anybody photographing my food. I've got no pictures of anybody's nino. No food podcast yeah everybody everybody weighing in on what i'm what i'm having for all my meals okay all right <hes> so akiva is on twitter at key twenty-six amanda thank you again. We'll be back next time to talk about the oregon trail to everybody a good one bye yeah..

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