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Blow up dolls I don't know about that but I don't know actually I do know about that one I'm much more comfortable call me crazy around fellow human beings and I am blow up dolls for the record the mannequins and the like lest there be any confusion and finally so over the last several months Michael Colin in jail released under supervision because of covert nineteen Michael Avenatti get the Michael separate here Cohen was trump's personal lawyer of course Michael Avenatti stormy Daniels personal lawyer course those two guys have since seen their jail terms not shortened but that they've been released under house arrest will just say generally speaking because they're trying to lighten the load certain judges and D. O. J. officials leading the loads in the prisons in the jails because of the covert nineteen pandemic well how about the latest if you missed it Paul Manafort Paul Manafort Donald trump's former campaign chairman released from federal prison last week serving about one third of his seven year sentence because of covert nineteen data parse out ten percent of the population there inside the jails in inside the prison cell you know what Avenatti Colin metaphor to I don't know that anybody's a real winner of the global pandemic but if you had to pick some guys that are finding themselves better off now than we were prior to corona virus those are three.

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