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None or no we're going to estimate in a an Coulter administration because I hear you might be running for president just to get it on the record. Donald Trump doesn't do this. And you become president. You're going to do it because you're going to order the military to do it. And you have to do that. Trump's going to do that. I think he's finally going to pull that pocket constitution out of his out of his lapel pocket. I gosh, I'm the president. And it's great. And and if he does not should he be challenged by in a Republican primary. I think he will be actually I think it doesn't matter. What do you mean? It doesn't matter. He's gonna lose if he doesn't. Well. All right. But if going on a primary challenger to President Trump in twenty twenty. Public and build the wall and Ankara tabbies. Dreamers. If he does not I think, I'm pretty sure there will be a primary challenge aren't it's not going to be Jeff flake is there a flipping from your side. Who you think Steve kings president who who who do you want terrific? I think we should also he should Mel Brooks. Oh, the one who should be the Senator from Alabama instead of Doug Jones. But it Jared boy said no endorse Luther strange. He's huge in Alabama. It'll be great. And we ended up with what's his name Jones. No judge ROY Moore thought, Johnny. Bannon was campaigning. Well, only because boy Jarod told Trump to endorse Luther strange who by the way was appointed by that utterly corrupt governor. To wrap this up. If the wall is not built if we don't get if you don't get it would support a Republican conservative anti immigrant primary challenger to Donald Trump. Yes, or no. It's a hypothetical wall routes, very real. I think there will be challenges. If that happens, I think there will be tryouts. But yeah, we'll say given all your criticism of Trump for breaking his promise and not doing well one thing that was the centerpiece of his campaign if eighteen months from now he hasn't done it or year from now, wouldn't you support? Well, I'm not confronting broken yet. I'm just reminding him. Doesn't f- Bill it. This will be very big broken promise. And look as you guys know, but no one in the White House seems to now Republican presidents have kind of history of making big promises getting elected on those promises and then portraying their promise, and it doesn't end. Well, well on that note Coulter, thanks for joining us again on skulduggery read Attias America. Thanks, Ann Coulter and Drome Coursey for joining us on this episode of skulduggery forget to subscribe skulduggery on apple podcasts. Wherever you listen to your podcasts and tell us what you think leave a review latest episode is also on Sirius XM on.

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