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Sparkling wine with their brand ambassador laura down the doni and yes she is italian and i definitely wanted to bring her on the show after hearing her really wonderful someone are to help educate our audience about what the telling and sparkling wine is and specifically all of the aspects of what french a quarter are so it's a pleasure to welcome more i don't a don't need to the so cal restaurant show for the first time good morning lure out yeah good morning they year thank you for having me on this so our our pleasure to lure and just is three four in tayshaun for our audience pressure courtship means a lot would you explain all of the various aspects of what friendship quarter refers to yeah that's i'm so glad that is the word that i didn't get fired it whining and they grabbed the lying if you're a knee so we're talking about on the air a that is you know it it in the northwest early friday i think about news number you got to come in honor like he can miles and you will find it you detroit area it's been a not been a at where all around you can find senior where if you know who are you know going on out of the no who at pretty offense up for and you wonder you the current took workout on been able as the name of the wind has glad and it i was wearing that you he now that he's on matt or champagne not good enough of a using some pain as something of course so yeah it's been a much offensive our guy he's gotten the wine and he not tell us about what the can servicio day french record is and how that came to be yeah going thought so he's anytime and will add that means one hundred you there eight the and group defensive corps and have a more any cool and when good you're there the it affiliates record down more than one but whining eddie in bay area and it one convert and i think in i'm the who the goal if they can come halas and and all of that every game but got you there with that there are worried about the production matt about that because you know if any it we can go have have you know.

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