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Coaching there's phenomenal on that's kind of fed our entire national team over the last fifteen years that coach is scott smith like lazarus smith isn't jumping at nordea since he was a kid i was very passionate about it in my dream was go to the olympics some dead made it to the us ski team and just missed out in the 1988 olympics in and i got into coaching right up to that thirty years after his olympic hopes were dashed smith has become instrumental in turning a big hill in asia kogyo suburb into olympic greats he program he says part of the club's recent success can be linked to the purchase of this large ski jump from a small town in minnesota in two thousand four we knew it was a good jumped so we contacted the city they're announced have we could get the jump and they said yes so we went up there and dismantle that and that a truck down era and put it back up in your it is since says the bigger jump helps his skiers get better fast during competition distance along with style is a key factor for the judges at nordea skiers land to jump gradually base start on small jumps and work their way up to the big one the us hasn't meddled in skijumping since the first winter olympics in nineteen twenty four and looking ahead to the competition in south korea smith in glass there say while winning would be nice that's not their only goal i had a dream to be able to coach somebody that could make it to the olympics and the three guys that are gone i coached them all through their younger days and here they are in i would never had an olympian a now all of a sudden we have three three decades after he almost made the olympic team smith says he plans to be in the stands in pyongyang chung cheering on his skiers who trained at this unconventional facility in.

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